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multisys D2-1DI2DO / Pulse doubler

Pulse doubler

multisys D2 1DI2DO 1

multisys D2-1DI2DO / Pulse doubler: Splits the pulse output of an electricity meter to be able to connect 2 pulse counters.

 Meters and measuring devices of different media usually have a pulse output, which output pulses proportional to the energy. This standardized (EN 62053-31) S0 hardware interface is used, for example, to transfer consumption measured values to a building automation system.

But not only the GLT or ZLT needs this pulse, also PV systems, energy data management systems, heating controls, BHKW, energy optimization systems etc. access this pulse.

What to do if the pulse is needed, but it is already "occupied" by another system?

This is where KBR's "pulse doubler" comes to the rescue. The electronic coupling stage is a DIN rail device for standard rail mounting with 2 division units. It has one input for the S0 pulse and two potential-free S0 outputs. The power supply unit is already integrated in this device and is connected directly to 230 V. An external power supply unit is therefore not required. An external power supply is therefore not required.

Installation and connection is simple, as no programming is required here.

Examples of use:

S0 pulse from EVU meter simultaneously for two pulse pickups such as:

  • Control technology
  • Energy optimization
  • Energy data management
  • Data logger
  • etc.



  • Compact design
  • Integrated power supply


Wiring Diagram

Wiring diagram - multisys D2 1DI2DO 1 - Pulse doubler


Technical data

multisys D2-1DI2DO / Pulse doubler

Input data
Input voltage, power supply 100 – 240 V AC/DC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, max. 3,5 VA
Input voltage,power optocoupler Switching level 1-signal („H“) >10mA bis <27mA
  Switching level 0-signal („L“) < 2mA
Transmission frequency fgrenz (ohmic load) 10 Hz
Input circuit Overvoltage protection, Reverse polarity protection, RC element,Overvoltage protection, Reverse polarity protection, RC element,Operating display (LED yellow), Voltage indicator (green)
Output data
Operating voltage range 15 bis 120 VDC
Continuous load current 2x 0,75 A
Voltage drop at max. load current 1,4 V DC
Output circuit Reverse polarity protection, overvoltageReverse polarity protection, overvoltageprotection floating, 2-wire connection
Standards and miscellaneous / Ambient conditions
Standards DIN EN 60721-3-3:1995-09 + DIN EN721-3-3/A2:1997-07; 3K5 +3Z11; (IEC721-3-3;3K5 + 3Z11)
Operating temperature K55 (-5°C ...+55°C)
Air humidity 5%...95% non-condensing
Storage temperature K55(-25°C...+70°C)
Operating height 0…2,000 m above sea level
Electrical safety
Standards DIN EN 61010-1:2011-07
Protection class II
Einsatzzweck: Anschluss von Modulbusgeräten an eBus
Overvoltage category Power supply CAT III: 300V
Isolation voltage Input / Output 4kV
  Output / Output 2,5 kV
  Rated surge voltage 4kV
Protection type / Standards IP 20 according to DIN EN 60529:2014-09



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