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Reactive current compensation - Own production


When measurement alone is not enough.

Energy Data Management - Own development

Power capacitors - Own production

multimax - Energy optimization system - Own production

multimess F96-TFT - Now there's color at play!

Compensation system in ISO wall-mounted housing

ISO wall-mounted housing

Kompensationsanlage im ISO-Wandgehäuse

Abbildung ähnlich, with or without detuning reactors

Reactive current compensation system with or without detuning reactors in ISO wall-mounted housing


  • Power from 25 to 100 kvar
  • Detuning factor 5.5 to 14 %
  • Capacitor rated voltage with 440 V or 525 V
  • Simple assembly
  • System with reactive power controller

Technical data

Device type

p = 5.5, 7 or 8 % 440 V capacitors
p = 12.5 or 14 % 525 V capacitors

Rated voltage | frequency: Un = 400 V | 50 Hz
Maximum permissible operating voltage: Un = 400 V ± 10 %
Maximum permissible operating current:
1,3 x I n permanently
Reactive power controller:
multicomp 144 LCD
4-quadrant operation
Optimizing control mode
Circular switching
Current transformer connection:
1 A and 5 A
Switching element: Capacitor contactors
Control voltage: UControl  = 230 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage transformer required if operating voltage deviates
Switching delay: 60 s
Capacitors: Low-loss multi-cond UHPC power capacitors, MTK technology
Capacitor rated voltage: Urated = 440 V (AH); Urated = 525 V (AB)
Discharge of capacitors: Discharge resistance t < 60 s; optional discharge reactors t < 3 s
Filter circuit inductors: linear filter circuit inductors to avoid resonances in networks with monics, integrated temperature monitoring
Inductor factors:  p = 5.5, 7,8, 12.5 and 14%
Unit assembly design: Galvanized mounting plates
Protection type: Protection class 2
Ambient temperatures: + 40 °C maximum value, short term
+ 35 °C on a 24-hour average
+ 20 °C on an annual average
– 10 °C minimum value

Fuse protection:

Group fusing with NH fuses and fuse bases
(NH isolator available on request)

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