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Reactive current compensation - Own production


When measurement alone is not enough.

Energy Data Management - Own development

Power capacitors - Own production

multimax - Energy optimization system - Own production

multimess F96-TFT - Now there's color at play!

Split-core transformers

The compact split-core current transformers multict-TQ30 / TQ40 / TQ50 by KBR are particularly suitable for digital measurement systems. The transformers have color-coded cables and are suitable for exact kWh measurements as they fulfill the requirements of precision class 1. The maximum Loadon the current transformer is 0.2 VA at the end of the cable. Its design ensures correct installation. The transformer locks with a clearly audible "click". Two easy-to-install, UV-resistant cable ties that are included in the delivery secure the transformer additionally.

Type A Class
multict-TQ30 60 - 200A 3
multict-TQ40 100 - 500A 1
multict-TQ50 250 - 1000A 0,5 / 1

Components for reactive power compensation

KBR-Catalogue - Components for power compensation