KBR is certified

The high KBR standards in quality, environmental and energy management are confirmed by the certification according to DIN EN 9001,14001 and 50001


 Certifcate DIN EN ISO 9001 en 18 10 2024  Certificate_DIN-EN-ISO-14001_en_19-09-2026  Certificate-DIN-EN-ISO-50001_en_19-09-2026
 Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001  Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001  Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001




Today, energy management is crucial for a company's success and becomes increasingly important. By extending their quality management system with environmental and energy management, KBR sets a good example.

The most important components are provided by KBR first hand. Products and solutions for contemporary energy management. Energy measurement devices and energy meters as well as the web based analysis and visualization software visual energy help to make processes and energy consumptions transparent. Based on the results, evaluations and decisions are made about the possible savings in the fields of energy and resources, which consequently helps to prevent waste.


KBR will pass on their know-how to their customers.