Company Policy

KBR is all for partnerships

Experience has proven us right: The successful partnership with our customers and suppliers is based on dependability, expertise and trust. Our work ethic is characterized by mutual respect, as only a thoughtful cooperation with employees and customers is the guarantee to further strengthen our market leadership in the future.

KBR is all for customer satisfaction

Here at KBR, our focus is always on the customer. Our innovations and entrepreneurship further the success of our customers and thus ensure our own progress. That's why, for us, it is a matter of course to not only develop high-quality products in Germany, but also to manufacture them here. Expertise and reliability are the basis for this.

KBR is all for determination

You can only reach your target if you know it well. To ensure customer satisfaction, we keep a close eye on the continuous changes in the market and incorporate it into our strategy. To react to new challenges, we continuously optimize our products and processes and offer innovative solutions. Our employees' motivation and autonomous working style are the basis for this.

KBR is all for transparency

Figures are important for process evaluation. In addition to operational, human resource and quality figures, the factors environment protection and energy are also considered in the management review. However, costs are not our sole focus. We maintain an overview of the volume and types of waste, internal energy consumption and emissions as well as a list of hazardous materials and required safety measures.

KBR is all for conformity

We constantly review the up-to-dateness, stock, application and compliance with the applicable standards, rules and regulations. Regular extensive training and permanent education of our employees promote awareness and independence.

KBR is all for environment protection

When purchasing material, commodities and services, energy efficiency is a highly important decision criterion. KBR products considerably contribute to the protection of the environment and energy resources. For our products, we are already considering the possibilities of energy efficient manufacturing and use as early as in the design phase. This is a matter of course for us – our contribution to a clean environment. That's what our management system stands for, always committed to continual improvement.

KBR is all for energy efficiency

At KBR, reliable uninterrupted recording, automatic monitoring and plausible evaluation of energy data is made possible by our own energy management system. This way, energy consumption and energy costs can be actively reduced and any malfunctions and breakdowns are indicated early on. A further key factor is promoting our employees' awareness of efficient energy use and the associated conservation of natural resources.


SERVICES - all from a single source

What we offer you

You can count on our support as your reliable partner and expert for energy management with a wide range of services. With the know-how of our sales engineers in your area, KBR provides you tailor-made solutions, from consulting and conception down to commissioning and subsequent technical support. Even after commissioning, maintenance and supervision of the systems is a matter of course. To learn about the safe handling and operation of our technology, you can participate in one of our regularly organized seminars.

What sets us apart

For us, customer proximity and a cooperation based on partnership are the decisive factors for supreme services. That's why you will find a KBR sales office close to you, providing you with personal and quick assistance. We offer you friendly and competent all-round service on-site and guarantee quick and non-bureaucratic help in case of emergencies.

Call for support

If you have any questions concerning our systems, an experienced team of hardware and software specialists will be glad to assist you (at local-call rate from Germany). This way, we can offer you competent help without your call being transferred several times.




In modern production facilities, highly motivated employees manufacture the components needed for a powerful energy management.
That our state-of-the-art products are manufactured in accordance with all applicable standards goes without saying. KBR is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Our manufacturing departments of

  • Capacitor and inductor production
  • Module production
  • Compensation unit production (type tested)
  • Electronics production
  • Software development
  • Project management

dispose of the necessary flexibility to react to all customer demands quickly, thanks to their high production depth.