The KBR quality concept

The KBR Quality Plus concept stands for safe and efficient energy management. The basis of the quality concept forms a coherent system of components and solutions – developed and produced in Germany.


More transparency

  • Control of energy data and consumer costs

Energy costs make up a large part of operating expenditure in companies – among other things, a consequence of ever-rising electricity prices and ever more complex supply topologies in companies. The order of the day is recognizing savings potentials, making precise forecasts and developing the right strategies to reduce energy costs. A prerequirement for this is to create a maximum of transparency. The components and solutions of KBR fulfill this task perfectly. For example, high-qualitative measuring devices of the multimess product series record and document consumption values precisely and comprehensively. The web-based analysis and visualization software visual energy 4 on the other hand precisely represents the energy consumption of technical networks and facilities.

More efficiency

  • Cost-effectiveness in energy consumption and network utilization

Using existing energy as efficiently as possible is acquiring ever more significance for companies. It is necessary to load energy networks equally, prevent expensive load peaks and avoid as much as possible energy costs resulting from reactive current. This is where contemporary energy management is called for. The KBR system does outstanding work in this field. Technically sophisticated compensation units help to reduce energy costs created by reactive current, to lower maintenance costs and minimize costs through operating failure and facility breakdowns. The multimax load management system for example monitors and optimizes the energy consumption behavior of connected loads, thereby eliminating expensive load peaks.

More safety

  • Reliability for processes and production sequences

Where energy is concerned, safety is the top priority. Nothing is more expensive than a production stoppage or even the destruction of equipment. For this reason, KBR invests a lot of time and energy in development and produces many components itself. Long-term tests, extensive quality checks, zero error tolerance and complying with all relevant standards are other elements of the KBR quality policy. Special mention must be made of secureC®, a safety and maintenance concept from KBR, which ensures the maximum availability of compensation units – even in networks heavily loaded with harmonics: by monitoring resonance frequency, stage back-up fuse and contactors, as well as a special temperature management system.

More flexibility

  • Solutions for new requirements and tasks

KBR offers more than just a number of individual components. Our product range forms a coherent system evolved from practical experience. The flexibility of the KBR energy management system ensures that customer-specific requirements can be quickly and simply implemented. If the topology of the energy supply network is expanded or changed, the KBR system can, due to its modularity, be adjusted to the new situation without problems. The web-based concept of visual energy 4 contributes just as much to this as the reduced wiring requirements, for example, with which the multicomp reactive power controller can be expanded with temperature or safety and maintenance modules.