Challenge For All

An unforgettable experience at the Challenge For All 2024.

An event that we will remember for a long time: the Challenge For All 2024. Not only was it our first sporting appearance as a company, but we also competed with three relay teams! This triathlon event brought our KBR family to life for everyone and showed what true teamwork and support within the KBR team means.


Our three power relay teams

We are proud that we were able to enter three relay teams, each with their own strengths:

  1. The Youngsters: Juliander, Thomas and Kevin achieved an impressive 20th place as the “Laufende Lebensfreude” team. With their commitment and energy, they literally made our other relay teams look “old” in sporting terms and showed how much power they have.
  2. The managing director dream team: Achim, Jessica and Simon gave their all from start to finish as the “Leadership Legends” team. Their perseverance and family cohesion are an example to us all. They have shown that leadership is not only practiced in the office, but also on the race track.
  3. The sales trio: Jörg, Markus and Andreas took the opportunity in the “Guardians of the Energy” team and secured the longest “advertising time” in the competition – completely in sales mode. Joking aside: as the “oldest” relay team, they showed how the hare runs and that our sales team is not only fit at work, but also in sport.
  4. The fourth “relay team”: Although only three relay teams were entered, we must not forget the 4th “relay team”: our fans!!! With self-made posters, a large KBR banner and loud support, this was definitely the most conspicuous participation in the Challenge For All and gave us all a lift and spurred our athletes on to personal best times.


The competition day

It started months before the event for our relay participants. Once it was clear that three relay teams would be competing and it was decided who would take on which sport in which relay team, the preparations began. Achim was the first to diligently start training and learned the crawl from scratch especially for the Challenge For All. The other participants also joined in and gradually started training. Shortly before the event, there were personnel changes in two relay teams, but the teams didn’t let this affect them.

And then the day of the competition arrived! Everyone was still relaxed at work in the morning, but the tension and anticipation was clearly noticeable by the afternoon at the latest. It was the first time that the company was represented at a sporting event and nobody really knew what to expect. Registration on site and bike check-in were completed quickly and after everyone had their relay number written on their arm, there was a final team briefing.

Challenge For All 2024 Teambesprechung

This was followed by the organizer’s final race briefing, in which the rules were pointed out and final information was passed on. And then it was time! The swimmers all went to their starting positions in lanes 6, 7 and 8 – all KBR swimmers were given red swimming caps – and plunged into the water with the other participants. Juliander held his own against the other swimmers and was quickly out of the water again after the 550 meters. Achim and Jörg fought hard to the end and finally handed over the “relay transponder” to the cyclists.

Challenge For All 2024 Schwimmstart

Among the KBR cyclists, Thomas was ahead and remained firmly in the middle of the field of competitors. Jessica and Markus were determined not to lose touch with the other participants and pedaled faster than ever before. Fortunately, the two of them have retained their smiles and after the 20 km through Roth and the surrounding area, the last “relay transponder” was handed over to the runners.

Challenge For All 2024 Fahrradfahrer

Kevin gave it all at his run so that the spectators could only see him fly past at the 5 km and secured a final good 20th place for his team. Simon made up a few places, resulting in 35th place for his team. And Andreas was also seized by ambition shortly before the finish, overtook another participant so that his team finished in 38th place and ended the race with a spectacular jump to the finish.

Challenge For All 2024, Andreas Sprung ins Ziel Challenge For All 2024


The KBR family

Team spirit and support

A special thank you goes to our incredible supporters and fans. Your energy and support inspired us all and motivated us to achieve personal best times! You showed true team spirit and made the KBR family a tangible experience for everyone. This experience would not have been the same without you. Your cheers spurred our athletes on to give their best.

A big praise and thank you also goes to the organizers and helpers around our colleague Thomas Seifert, who has been the organizer of the Challenge For All for years. Your hard work and commitment have made this event possible. You have created a platform on which we can not only achieve top sporting performances, but also grow together as a team.

Challenge For All 2024 Team



The Challenge For All 2024 was a complete success for us and a valuable experience. It showed us how important teamwork, support and shared commitment are. We are already looking forward to the next challenges and to competing as a strong team again.

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