visual energy 4.6 R6

Status: Released August 2015
Build: 6521 (14.01.2016), 6330 (14.12.2015), 5992 (10.11.2015), 5836 (16.10.2015), 5784 (12.10.2015), 5632 (02.10.2015), 5412 (21.09.2015), 5296 (21.08.2015), 5331 (08.09.2015)


  • New language versions: French, Chinese
  • Maintenance service: Central monitoring of services

Area: visual energy web 4

  • New: Level-time charts
  • New evaluation function: Filter analyses
  • Location dashboard
  • With XSLT stylesheets, alternative report output is now possible (e.g. in HTML or CSV format)
  • Representation of the distribution balance as a Sankey diagram
  • Security: full SSL/HTTPS support
  • Energy data can be requested manually for each network operator.
  • Any OBIS values can be used in calculated meter points
  • Implementation of EDIFACT requirements ORDERS 1.1f, CONTRL 2.0, MSCONS 2.2e
  • Import of compressed (zip, gzip) MSCONS files via POP3 mailbox

Area: Bus master / Starter

  • Redesigned style
  • Virtual device support (bus master only)
  • Driver update: multimax 3/4
    • Editing of internal timer programs
    • Improved reading/saving of device parameters
  • New device driver: multimess D6
  • New device driver: multimess D9..-PQ
  • New function: Configuration printout

Area: Excel add-in

  • Live instantaneous values with periodic update.
  • Values can now also be listed as hourly, daily, monthly or yearly values

visual energy 4.6 R5

Status: Released in December 2014, no longer up to date


Area: visual energy 4 Web

  • New: Energy data query also for external market participants, via ORDERS
  • Implementation of EDIFACT requirements ORDERS 1.1d, CONTRL 2.0, MSCONS 2.2c
  • Symbol library localized DE/EN
  • Setup completely revised for better system compatibility check

Area: visual energy 4 Starter

  • The first version for installation on the client computer
  • New 3D diagram for faster analysis representation

Area: Bus master

  • Modbus / OPC universal measuring device
  • New 3D diagram for faster analysis representation
  • Flashing mode to identify eBus devices without a display
  • multimax 4 device driver

Area: Excel add-in

  • New function: VE4_GetTimeWhen

visual energy 4.6 R4

Status: Released in February 2014, no longer up to date


Link to the video presentation

Area: visual energy 4 Web

  • New: Document storage
  • MSCONS import via POP3 mailbox
  • Automatic update of charts/diagrams

Area: Bus master

  • OPC 1.0/2.0/3.0 DA client (license option)
  • Modbus / OPC universal gas / water meter
  • The multimax 4 device driver supports analog value output with multisio D2-2AO analog module
  • Advanced logging options

Area Excel add-in

  • Support of hierarchical cost centers / energy benefits
  • Support of the visual energy 4 document storage
  • Advanced statistics evaluation
  • Advanced reports

visual energy 4.6 R3

Status: no release

Area: visual energy 4 Web

  • Additionally required OBIS values can be created in the system area.
  • eBus switch groups are now listed per location and synchronized with all associated bus masters.
  • In a calendar, work days and non-work days can be defined for each location. You can also make general definitions for several locations.
  • Change in the user management: The local project manager can manage project users.
  • Drawing objects can be created and edited in the master data area.
  • You can define a project currency for each project.
  • You can also define the number of work days per week (5 to 7) for each project. This information is automatically applied to the location calendar.
  • The cost centers and energy benefits are represented in the usual value table as well as in an interactive pie chart.

Area: Bus master

  • eBus: OPC 1.0/2.0/3.0 DA server (license option)
  • Modbus heat quantity meter

visual energy 4.6 R2

Status: no longer up to date

Area: visual energy 4 Web

  • New data editor
  • New assistant for report output definition.

Area: eBus master

  • For the output of plain text messages, a system or location-specific language can be defined.
  • Additional fast-blow/slow-blow properties for SecureF
  • New multicomp 3F144 device driver


visual energy 4.6 R1

Status: no longer up to date

Area: visual energy 4 Web

  • Division of the acquisition/evaluation areas
  • Custom media (drinking water, graywater, cooling water...).
  • Hierarchical cost centers with automatic totals formation.
  • Automatic measured data export in CSV and/or MSCONS format

Area eBus master

  • Modbus RTU, Modbus RTU over IP and Modbus TCP are supported as energy data sources (daily consumption values).
  • Graphical representation of period values
  • Timer program priorities
  • Advanced device memory editing options (read/delete).
  • Introduction of system switch groups (201-255)
  • Additional SecureF parameter for tripping characteristics.

visual energy 4.5 R3

Status: no longer up to date

Area: visual energy 4 Web

  • You can now also use system meter points in custom charts or diagrams. Custom charts or diagrams can be saved in a freely definable folder structure.
  • With the new meter point type 'Calculated meter point', you can use mathematical formulas to calculate individual time series.
  • Online values (data points) have a tool tip that indicates additional information such as the original value, time stamp, etc.
  • The meter points list was completely revised and the access sped up considerably.
  • Diagrams of individual measured values can now be created on the fly.
  • The OBIS values per meter point (request, validation/monitoring, transformation, archiving) are now clearly arranged in a list and are considerably easier to handle.
  • MSCONS export can be controlled externally via REQDOC.
  • In the master data area, all processable media and OBIS values are listed.
  • The help refers to the online documentation in the KBR Service Center.
  • The project manager can request a mobile reading centrally from the web.
  • Existing meter numbers that have already been placed as a barcode can be photographed and automatically assigned to the matching meter point. Identification by barcode / QR code is still possible with both the meter point description and the meter number.
  • In the readings area of the app, you can now retrieve additional information such as the location, installation site, last reading, etc. for each meter point.

Area: eBus master

  • The web user interface of the eBus master was completely revised and is now even simpler, even more user-friendly, clearer and faster to operate.
    It is no longer necessary to connect to the multisys via RDP and use the Windows configuration software.
  • Extreme values of devices with extreme values (multimess/multicount) can be captured and made available in visual energy 4 projects.
  • The recording pattern used is based on the specified load profile measurement period duration of the respective device.
  • multicomp 5 device driver supports all SecureC features.
  • SecureF fuse monitoring. Messages can be output centrally via switch group relays.
  • The ports for communication with the eBus master (TCP/HTTP) can be configured from the web.
  • The TCP / IP network parameters and the service state can be configured via Telnet.
  • The eBus master now also supports serial RS485 interfaces.
  • The former 'relay groups' defined for the entire eBus master are now referred to as 'switch groups' and defined on site.
  • The former timer programs defined for the entire eBus master (tariffs / relay groups) were removed completely.
  • The new timer programs are now also defined on site and can be added to control switch groups / tariffs there.
  • The English version was completely revised. You can now switch between German (DE) and English (EN).

visual energy 4.5 R2

Status: no longer up to date

  • Implementation of the processing rules for OBIS operating hours.
  • Implementation of the processing rules for OBIS quantity.
  • Comprehensive system information of all registered eBus masters in the configuration area.
  • Energy data will from now on only be imported again if the current data are identical to or better than the possibly existing data.
  • Search for meter points by entering the designation (irrespective of upper / lower case) and meter point number.
  • An additional button makes it possible to switch directly from the distribution view to the substitute value formation / data view of a (tagged) meter point. The symbols were adjusted accordingly (meter point properties = wrench, substitute value formation = pen).
  • An additional button allows you to access the meter point list directly from the distribution display. In this case, the filter will be assigned to the distribution automatically.
  • A check box not only enables access to the latest data, but also makes it possible to request the entire time range from the eBus master.
  • The Excel add-in was expanded with a comfortable cost center editing option. With this option, you can conveniently paste data using the clipboard.
  • Editing users in the master data area is now easier with a new toolbar.

visual energy 4.5

Status: no longer up to date

  • Improved user interface: user-defined folders in the project structure. Automatic hiding/showing of working fields. Larger buttons.
  • Energy data import: the eBus master does not send any energy data to the web via MSCONS without a request anymore, energy data is only sent if requested via REQDOC.
  • Energy data monitoring: limits (absolute and relative) can be defined per meter point and OBIS code.
  • Diagrams: individual user permissions for sharing saved diagrams.
  • Master data: the user can define additional countries.
  • Structural data: only one meter point per drawing object is permitted.
  • PDF reports: automatically time-controlled generation is now possible transmission to the user by e-mail now also possible. The PDF reports are immediately at hand and do not have to be created in a time-consuming process.
  • Mobile meter reading: new Android app for meter reading. Automatic linking and synchronization via web service.
  • Excel add-in: many improvements and extended functions.
  • eBus master: integrated web configuration surface. As a stand-alone solution or integrated into visual energy 4.

visual energy 4.4

Status: no longer up to date

  • Excel add-in: access to visual energy 4 cost centers and accounting grid – total meter points implemented. Add-in installation via web (click once installation).
  • You can subscribe to the system report as an RSS feed.
  • The number of rows and columns in the supply structure view can be configured in the web configuration.

visual energy 4.3

Status: no longer up to date

  • The distribution can now contain more than 10 pages.
  • eBus master locations can be moved.
  • You can display the previous version in the device properties.
  • Preferred data points can now be defined per device category. This considerably improves the loading behavior, as not all possible data points in the distribution have to be loaded as a selection.
  • The compatibility with different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE9) was improved.

visual energy 4.2

Status: Released

  • User interface. New assignment of various lists and working fields. This improves the project creation process.
  • Symbols and drawing objects are now included in the list window instead of in the main window. This makes allocation to the distribution (or to the drawing object) easier.
  • r: Tree view with subnodes for registered eBus master and locations (EBM). A list (see below) is used to select the location and display the devices at the location. Properties display (on the right). The properties window serves to select the device and display the properties.
  • The standard view and device properties report can be accessed by clicking the respective buttons.
  • Location: a list of the eBus devices allocated to the location in the list window. Columns: device address, name, status (new), meter point, type, standard view, device properties. The device properties are selected in the properties window.
  • Medium: summary in the main window (node "project P/location L/medium M") as for the distribution. In the main window (data view of the node "project P/location L/medium M/meter points"), link to the report '1901 meter point configuration'.
  • Distribution: properties page of a distribution, now with the 'Tasks' headline. A list with the items 'Add drawing object' and 'Calculate structural data' was added.
  • The number of rows and columns in the supply structure view was raised to 30.
  • Diagram data can now be presented in a table. The data can also be copied to the clipboard.
  • MSCONS data can also be imported manually via web upload.

visual energy 4.1

Status: no longer available