multimod-FSP assembly set

side rail boards

multimod-FSP assembly set

Assembly set

The multimod-FSP assembly set is used for the simple assembly of KBR modules in existing system cabinets. The installation set is fully equipped with cable duct, PEN rail
and transformer connection clamps.


multimod-FSP XXX XX


Please specify the cabinet type and dimensions.

Compatible cabinet systems*:

Hensel (HE)
Moeller (MO)
Rittal (RT)
Siemens (SI)
Striebel & John (SJ)


* Andere Schranksysteme auf Anfrage.

XXX XX = Cabinet dimensions and cabinet system. Please specify these information when ordering
(also refer to the following ordering example).
Order example: Cabinet system: Rittal TS, dimensions: 2000 x 800 x 600 mm.
The corresponding order details are as follows: Type multimod-FSP 086 RT.


Technical data sheet (1154 KB)

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