Components of a reactive current compensation unit

1. Empty cabinet
2. Assembly rails multimod-FSP
3. Capacitor modules multimod-R
4. Control modules multimod-SM
5. Busbars (including screw and nuts)
6. Connection cable (control unit – display unit)

Easy installation in six steps


1. Prepare empty cabinet
  - Prepare ceiling, e.g. install ceiling ventilation, outlet filter and flange for cable feed-through
  - Prepare door (plan for controller cutout 90 x 90 mm, install fan or inlet filter)
2. Assemble the multimod-FSP module rails
3. Fasten the MULTIMOD-SM control module
4. Insert the capacitor modules
  - Push the modules in (start at the bottom) and fasten them with screws.
5. Attach the busbar connector
  - Tighten the busbar connector with a torque of 85 Nm.
  - Ensure exact connections.
6. Connect the connection cable of control unit – display unit
  - The controller cable is already attached to the control module.

Reducing energy costs by reactive power compensation

"Reducing energy costs by reactive power compensation"

Components for reactive power compensation

KBR-Catalogue - Components for power compensation