Reactive power controller

KBR reactive power controller multicomp D6

multicomp D6 reactive power controller

The multicomp D6 reactive power controller works automatically in 4-quadrant operation (generator operation), i.e. even during energy recovery to the energy provider network, missing compensation power is easily detected and compensated.

Through the integrated temperature measurement input, the ambient temperature in the reactive power compensation system is also monitored and if a predefined limit temperature is exceeded, the fan is switched on. The multicomp D6 reactive power controller also has an interface for connection to the KBR eBus, whereby all settings can be conveniently carried out from the PC (without the display module). In addition, the bus communication can be switched from KBR eBus to Modbus RTU/ASCII.


  • Detecting and compensating the missing compensation power in case of recovery into the energy supplier network
  • Network analysis and limiting value monitoring function for the protection of capacitors from overvoltages, overcurrents and excessive harmonic load
  • Two-line LC display with stage status and recovery
  • Integrated temperature measurement input for monitoring the ambient temperature and switching on fan if limiting values are violated
  • Modular up to 24 stages

Technical data

Switching stages
Relay outputs; 250 VA per output; 250 V AC: 50 / 60 Hz: Modular 4 – 24  
power per stage [ kvar ] programmable: free  
Discharge times programmable: 0 ... 900 sec.  
Manual 0 automatic switch | status display: For each stage | standard  
Learning function for automatic programming Via induced current measurement Via main current transformer or in connection with multisio 1D2-4CI or multimess 1D4  
Rotary field and phase application programmable: Standard  
Swithing performance
Self-optimizing (circuit switching of the same stages): Standard  
Special switching functions for switch-off limit for light load operation: Combination filter  
Switch-off limit for light load operation: fixed  
Monitoring functions
No-voltage trigger: Standard  
Excess current switch-off (only in connection with induced current measurement): Standard, in connection with 1D2-4CI or multimess 1D4  
Overvoltage switch-off: Standard  
Temperature measurement and monitoring with fan control and emergency switch-off: Standard  
Harmonics monitoring with alarm message and emergency switch-off  | additional displays: Standard | voltage: KF – U; 3. – 19th harm  
Alarm messages programmable: Standard  
Target cos φ monitoring; alarm if unreachable: Standard  
Switching operation monitoring with display per stage: Standard  
Controller status display (over / undercompensation): Standard  
Special operating mode
Thyristor high-speed circuit breaker: Standard  
Display type: LCD (dot matrix 128 x 96)  
Messgrößen (Effektivwerte | RMS): U L – N or U L – L | cos φ | δ | fnetwork | Imain | Iinduced | Ptotal | Qtotal requirement  
Operating time display: Standard  
Measuring precision: Voltage | current | power: 2% | 2% | 4%  
Update speed: ~ 300 ms  
Single phase measurement (4Q): Phase-phase or phase-neutral  
Long-term memory for switching operations: For events and error messages; battery-buffered with timestamp  
Password protection
With digit code    
Voltage path: Low-voltage: direct measurement:
Medium voltage:
1 x 100 V … 500 V … 600 V AC
0.01 kV … 30 kV programmable
Current path: Main current transformer:
Induced current transformer:
1 x 0,01 A … 1 A … 1,2 A AC und 1 x 0,05 A … 5 A … 6 A AC
Frequency range:   40 - 70 Hz
2nd setpoint cos φ2 Automatic switchover in case of energy recovery: to cos φ2, value freely programmable
Additional relay outputs | error message relay/fan relay: Standard | Standard  
Serielle Schnittstelle mit KBR eBus Protokoll: RS485 | Modbus  
Power supply
Operating voltage | frequency | power consumption: 85 V – 265 V AC / DC | 50 – 60 Hz | 15 VA  
Housing, size in mm (H x W x D):    
Display (front panel mounting): 96 x 96 x 46  
Base modul (Mounting on DIN rail 7,5 mm depth, DIN EN 50022): 90 x 106 x 60  

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