multicomp F144-...-2 - reactive power controller

KBR reactive power controller multicomp F144-...-2

Reactive power controller - multicomp F144-…-2

The microcontroller-controlled multicomp F144-…-2 records all network data relevant to the control of small facilities via A/D transformer inputs. After calculating the required compensation power to achieve the desired target cos φ, the available capacitor stages are automatically switched on or off with a few switching operations.

The multicomp F144-…-2 switches capacitors of the same powers in circuit switching. Programming is menu assisted and performed with two buttons. Facility-specific values are stored in a non-volatile memory. Each stage can be switched individually via the built-in manual-0-automatic function.


  • Real reactive power measurement and calculation of the necessary compensation power in 4-quadrant operation
  • Rapid compensation with few switching operations
  • Display with two-line LC display, stage status and recovery
  • Control logic always circuit switching for the same stages
  • Manual 0 automatic switch separately programmable for each stage

Technical data

Device Type

[ 1 ] F144-1V1V6RO

[ 2 ] F144-1V1C12RO

[ 3 ] F144-1V1C6DO

[ 4 ] F144-1V1C12DO

[ 5 ] F144-1V1C6DO6RO


Switching stages

Relay outputs; 250 VA per output; 250 V AC: 50 / 60 Hz:
[ 1 ] 6
[ 2 ] 12
[ 3 ] 6 Optocoupler outputs
[ 4 ] 12 Optocoupler outputs
[ 5 ] 6 Relay- und 6 Optocoupler outputs

Power per stage [ kvar ] programmable: free  
Discharge times programmable: 0 ... 900 sec.  
Manual 0 automatic switch | status display: Standard | Standard  
Learning function for automatic programming via induced current measurement (requirement: transformer x / 1A fitted into the cable to the compensation unit): Via main current transformer  
Rotary field and phase application programmable: Standard  
Switching performance
Self-optimizing (circuit switching of the same stages): Standard  
Special switching functions for switch-off limit for light load operation: -  
Switch-off limit for light load operation: fixed  
Monitoring functions
No-voltage trigger: Standard  
Excess current switch-off
(only in connection with induced current measurement):
Overvoltage switch-off: fixed  
Temperature measurement and monitoring with fan control and emergency switch-off: -  
Harmonics monitoring with alarm message and emergency switch-off | additional displays: Standard  
Alarm messages programmable: Standard  
Target cos φ monitoring; alarm if unreachable: Standard  
Switching operation monitoring with display per stage: Standard  
Controller status display (over / undercompensation): Standard  
Special operating mode
Thyristor high-speed circuit breaker: [ 4 ]  
Display type: LCD  
Measurement parameters (effective values RMS):

UPH-N, UPH-PH, cos φ,fNetwork,|main, Poverall,

Qoverall requirement

Operating time display: -  
Measuring precision: Voltage | current | power 2% | 2% | 4%  
Update speed: 200ms  
Single phase measurement (4Q): Phase-phase or phase-neutral  
Langzeitspeicher für Schalhandlungen:   -
Password protection
With digit code: Standard  
Voltage path: Low-voltage; direct measurement:
Medium voltage:
30V...690V...790V AC
Current path: Main current transformer:
Induced current transformer:
1x0,05A...5A...6A AC
Frequency range:   50 or 60 Hz
2nd setpoint cos φ2

Automatic switchover in case of energy recovery:

auf cos φ=1

Additional relay outputs | error message relay/fan relay: Standard | error message relay  
Serial interface with KBR eBus protocol: -  
Power supply
Operating voltage | frequency | power consumption: 85-265V AC/DC | 50-60 Hz | 12VA  
Housing: Switchboard installation, size in mm (HxWxD): 144 x 144 x 60  

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