secureC© Safety and maintenance concept for compensation systems

The safety aspect is crucial for the operation of reactive current facilities. Here, the  secureC safety and maintenance concept is used. This innovative safety and maintenance concept by KBR combines several important functions to guarantee maximum safety and a high level of availability in the operation of a reactive current compensation unit.

Together with KBR quality products, special monitoring functions ensure the highest possible degree of availability. Moreover, if the web-based analysis software visual energy 4 is used, a detailed error analysis is possible from your own computer.

The concept

Safety is of crucial importance for reactive current compensation units. This is why KBR has developed the safety and maintenance concept secureC, which ensures the maximum availability of compensation units – even in networks heavily loaded with harmonics. The concept is based on KBR quality products which enable a reliable monitoring of resonance frequency, stage back-up fuses and ground contacts. A special temperature management system provides additional protection from breakdown. Moreover, if the web-based analysis software visual energy is used, a detailed error analysis is possible from your own computer. The secureC label of quality distinguishes such compensation units.


  • Maximum availability of the unit
  • High level of safety due to early error detection
  • Automatic seamless monitoring of all components
  • Extended warranty for your unit


Advantages with secureC, Maximum availability oft he unit, High level of safety due to early error detection, Extended warranty for your unit

The elements

secureC can be deployed with the multicomp reactive power controller to set up a compensation unit for up to 6 cabinets. multisio expansion modules can be connected to the basic module – for each basic module, 5 relay modules, 5 temperature modules and 6 current measuring modules can be connected. This makes it possible to control up to 24 stages. Other components of the secureC concept: multicond-UHPC capacitors and multiind filter circuit inductors– also developed and produced by KBR. The KBR ventilation concept, the web-based analysis software visual energy and the KBR support based on a maintenance contract complete the secureC concept.


multicomp reactive power controller (basic module)

2Ι multiso expansion modules (relay modules, Temperature modules, measuring modules)

3Ι multiind filter circuit inductors

4Ι multicond-UHPC capacitors

5Ι KBR Belüftungskonzept

6Ι KBR Service maintenance contract, visual energy

secureC© Safety and maintenance concept for compensation systems

How it works

Monitoring resonance frequency, stage back-up fuse and ground contacts

Since capacity during operation is reduced by damaged capacitors in heavily loaded networks, the resonance frequency is continually changing. This means that even a unit that was correctly set up can become a latent danger the longer it is in operation. The unavoidable shifting of the resonance points through loss of capacity is accounted for by secureC as it calculates the resulting new resonance frequency. Evaluating the resonance frequency is performed taking into account the programmed inductor factor. If critical frequencies are reached, the display issues corresponding warnings which are logged in the event memory. If previously defined resonance frequencies are exceeded, there is a switch-off, and if necessary the stages involved are blocked. The secureC concept also detects the setting off of individual fuses or »sticking« ground contacts.

Temperature management

The secureC concept still contains a special temperature management system. Conventional controllers simply switch off the entire facility if a limit temperature is reached, and put up with not only reactive current costs, but also very high apparent current, which can also trigger switches. The secureC  temperature management system on the other hand ensures that such cases are avoided as far as possible. As before, the fans are activated when the first temperature threshold is reached – separately for each cabinet, of course. If this is not sufficient, and an equivalent stage is available in another cabinet (stage power, detuning, thyristor/contactor), this is used as an alternative. Even if the emergency switch-off temperature is reached despite these preventive switching operations, not all stages are taken out simultaneously, but one after another, with a delay of two minutes.

Error analysis with visual energy 4

visual energy 4 as the web-based information center of the KBR system, completes the secureC concept. The analysis and visualization software provides extensive functions for recording, monitoring, analyzing and optimizing technical networks and units. Practical functions, a clearly laid out user interface, intuitive operability and ease of adaptability to specific situations make visual energy 4  a genuine highlight. visual energy 4 provides numerous options for evaluating data and passing these on to SAP or SQL databases.

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