Thyristor switch - thyroswitch 3P

KBR Thyristor switch - thyroswitch 3P


Thyristor switch - with three thyristors

The thyristor switch thyroswitch 3P combines functional features already distinguished in the thyroswitch 2P: fast and wear and tear-free connecting and disconnecting of capacitors, unlimited switch frequency with low switch delay and compensation almost in real-time. The device generates no operating noise whatsoever and has a compact construction ready for connection.

thyroswitch 3P has three thyristors, each of which can switch alone or together. If the switch-on procedure is activated via a reactive power controller or a control, there is a voltage comparison between the capacitor voltage and the mains voltage. If there is a slight difference, the stage is switched on.


  • Unlimited switching frequency without load on capacitors
  • No peak inrush current when switching on capacitors
  • Low switching delay
  • Compensation almost in real-time
  • No operating noise

Technical data

Control input: 10 – 30 V DC | 3 3 inputs, max. 30 mA
Fuse protection: max. 6 A
Power suply
Auxiliary voltage: 230 V AC ± 10 % | 50 / 60 Hz | max. 35 VA
Fuse protection:
max. 6 A
Load circuit
Connection voltage UN: Δ 400 V / 50 Hz | Υ 690 V / 50 Hz
Load current: max. 100 A
Power dissipation: 70 A-Typ circa 3 x 1,1 W pro A
100 A-Typ circa 3 x 1,05 W pro A
Field of application

Creepage distances from control input to power circuit:

> 10.5 mm for SELV voltages
Rated voltage: UN ± 10 %
Harmonics voltage: DIN EN 61000-2-4 class 3 | THD max. 10 %
Closing delay turn-off time > 5s
Input: 0 bis max. 20 ms
Reclosing delay: chopping operation
0 bis max. 33 ms
Electrical safety: Standards and amendments
Protection class:: I
Distances: EN61010:2001 for contamination degree II
measurement category III
Protection type: IP 10
Environmental conditions
Standards and following amendments: DIN EN 60721-3-3/A2
(3K5 + 3Z11)
EC 721-3-3 (3K5 + 3Z11)
Air humidity, non-condensing: 5 % bis 95 %
Operating temperature: –5 °C bis +55 °C

Installation position:

Vertical or horizontal
Cooling clearances:
Min. 50 mm to the fan and min. 150 mm to the heat sink outlet
Housing an weight
Dimensions in mm (H x W x D): 220 x 182 x 188 mm
Gewicht ca. 5800 g


Technical data sheet (390 KB)

Technical Details (118 KB)

User manual (576 KB)

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