multimax D6 - Energy Optimization System

multimax D6 - Energy optimization system

Combinable energy optimization. Modular design for maximum flexibility


The best choice for optimum performance and maximum cost savings

You may not be able to fully eliminate energy costs for power calculation, but you can reduce them signifi cantly. You can, for example, reduce the consumption, create a state of subsidized non-typical network usage or benefi t from personal grid usage fees. The multimax energy optimization system monitors, controls and optimizes the energyconsumption behavior of connected consumers.While optimizing the operating process, the consumerproperties and energy supply conditions are taken into account.

Highly flexible and extremely efficient

The key to successful energy optimization is the perfect coordination of reliable product technology with fl exible load control. With its modular system architecture and comprehensive functionality, the multimax energy optimization system is easy to expand and highly effi cient for the most diverse applications.

Modular system

With the multimess and multisio modules, you can expand the load management system to control up to 80 consumers.

Intelligent functions

Target value and instantaneous value monitoring, target value tracking, prewarning contact (alarm), timer programs, emergency shut-down, etc.

Analog outputs

For consumers that are controlled continuously, the multisio D2-2AO module is the right choice. Inputs and outputs can be linked.

Meter inputs with pulse totalizer function

multimax D6 can capture the values of up to 5 meters. You can connect additional meters with the multisio D2-4DI module.


  • Saving energy costs by lowering electricity or gas peaks
  • Optimizing energy consumption by intelligent load distribution
  • Several monitoring functions for increased operational safety
  • 10 internal time programs for different actions
  • Feedback on the instantaneous device power for precise optimization
  • Optimization calculation for up to 80 devices via decentralized substations
  • eBus interface

 Other Features

  • Optimization is better than switching: thanks to its analog signal outputs, multimax can switch consumers according to the demand
  • The modular system allows for unlimited application possibilities
  • Integrated programs ensure that non-typical network usage is maintained or that the timer
  • control of systems works
  • The standard consumer feedback (on/off )reduces the number of switching operations.
  • The instantaneous power consumption of the consumers is displayed, increasing the savingspotential and reducing the number of interventionsin the production process
  • By linking several values, even sensitive consumers can be included in the optimization process (e.g. large thermal devices)

Technical data basic module

Technical data multimax D6-xxx-5 basic module

multimax D6-ESMSBSDS-5DI6RO1DO-5 Item-No. 25183


Control and display elements
Operation Pushbutton for reset and scan mode (accessible after housing cover removal)Pushbutton for reset and scan mode (accessible after housing cover removal)
Control display 6 green LEDs: 5 x input status, 1 x operating status


Device memory
Energy, data and program memory 2 MB Flash
Memory type Ring buffer
Long-term memory for max. 160 days, min. 64 hours, depending on memory configuration Load profile memory: Maximum of 4*3840 entries; 60 / 30 / 15 / 1 min. interval duration
Event memory A maximum of 4096 entries to record tariff switching commands, mains failures, error messages etc.
Switching operations memory Maximum of 2450 entries
Operation logbook Maximum of 512 entries
Timer programs Maximum of 512 entries
Password memory 4-digit code


Power supply
Power supply US1: 100 - 240V ±10% DC/50/60Hz
Power consumption 22 VA


Hardware Inputs / Digital inputs
As pulse counterAs pulse counterinput 1 to 5 Digital input for floating Digital input for floating contact, S0 compatible, pulse length ≥ 30ms
As status input Digital input for floating contact, Digital input for floating contact, S0 compatible, e.g. to synchronize the measurement interval; pulse length ≥ 250ms
Voltage supply 27 V/15 mA DC 27 V/15 mA DC internal


Electrical connection
Connection elements Plug-in terminals
Max. permitted profile of the connecting cables 2,5 mm2
Input power supply Fuse: max. 1 A slow blow
max. C2 automatic 
isolating switch UL/IEC-approved
KBR eBus and Modbus connection Connection material For proper operation, use shielded twisted-pair cables only, e.g. I-Y(St)Y 2x2x0.8
Pulse inputs Connection and cables Observe correct polarity!
Synchronous input Connection and cables Observe correct polarity!
KBR eBus and Modbus connection via RS485 Terminal 90 (⊥)
Terminal 91 (A)
Terminal 92 (B)
Expanded module bus via RS485 Terminal 93 (⊥)
Terminal 94 (A)
Terminal 95 (B)


Hardware outputs
Interface     Serial interface Mechanical data and dimensioned drawing of the basic module
  Bus protocoll KBR eBus, Modbus 
  Transmission speed 38.400 baud, can be selected on Modbus 4,800, 9,600, 19,200 baud
  Address assignment Can be addressed up to address number 9999 for KBR eBus; scan mode can be activated on the device
    Bus addresses for Modbus 1 to 247 configurable on the device
Module bus interface Serial Serial interface RS 485 (RJ12) for ready-made KBR system cable (6-pin modular cable, unshielded), max. length 30 m if placed suitably
  Maximale DC Ausgangsleistung 8 W
Display and configuration interface Serial Serial interface RS485 (RJ12)
Relay outputs Switching stages 5 Relais
  Switching capacity 250V (AC) / 2A per relay, potential depending on shared connection - not safe to touch
Alarm relay Switching capacity 250 V (AC)/2 A floating – not safe to touch
1 digital output SO compatible max. 35V / 50mA


Mechanical data and dimensioned drawing of the basic module
Top hat rail device   Housing dimensions 90 x 106 x 61 mm (H x W x D)
  Mounting type Wall mounting on DIN railWall mounting on DIN rail7.5 mm deep, in accordance with DIN EN 50022; suitable for distribution board mounting
  Weight Approx. 650g


Surrounding conditions / electrical safety
Surrounding conditions Standards DIN EN 60721-3-3/A2: 1997-07; 3K5+3Z11; (IEC721-3-3; 3K5+3Z11)
  Operating temperature K55 (-5°C …. +55°C)
  Air humidity 5 % … 95 %, non-condensing
  Storage temperature K55 (-25°C …. +70°C)
  Operating height 0…2,000 m above sea level
Electrical safety

Standards DIN EN 61010-1: 2011-07
  Protection class I
  Overvoltage category CAT III: Relay CAT II
  Rated surge voltage 4kV
Protection type Standards IP20 nach DIN EN 60529: 2014-09
EMC Standards DIN EN 61000-6-2:2006-03 + amendment 1:2011-03
DIN EN 61000-6-3:2011-09 + amendment 1:2012-11
DIN EN 61326-1:2013-07


Technical data multimax display

Technical data multimax display

multimax F96-LCD-5 Item-No. 25185


Power supply
Power supply ext. 24 V DC, 1 W, via RJ12 module bus connector


Hardware inputs and outputs
 Serial interface Module bus RS485 via Buchse RJ12 module bus
  Baud rate 98400


Electrical connection
Module bus connection Connection material ready-made KBR system cable (6 pole modular cable, ready-made KBR system cable (6 pole modular cable, unshielded), max. length 30m if placed accordingly


Mechanical data
Switchboard installation Housing dimensions 96 x 96 x 46 mm (H x W x D)
  Installation cut-out 92 x 92 mm
  Protection type Front IP 40
  Weight Approx. 175g


multimax - Energy Optimization System


The best choice for optimum performance and maximum cost savings

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