multimax IGW - Visualizations

Gateway with web server to integrate into network environment for configuration and energy optimization visualization.

 multimax IGW

Integrating a multimax into the existing infrastructure

To draw out the maximum potential from an energy optimization, we recommend regularly adapting it to the circumstances.

As a user, however, you will rarely work with it directly, as the system should ultimately perform its tasks quietly in the background. But if it’s necessary, you should be able to find all the information you need without having to look too hard.

For this reason, we’ve developed a lucid operating concept that provides a clear and organized breakdown of the screen layout, similar to a car navigation system.

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  • Comfortable analysis
  • Intuitive web browser operation
  • Operations calendar with timer functions
  • No software installations necessary
  • Free updates via web service
  • Can be implemented in any infrastructure
  • Multi-user system with user login


User interfaces

 User interfaces

multimax IGW - Login


The user will be assigned permissions when they log in.

Viewer: Can visualize and analyze historical data online.
Standard: Also has the ability to modify permission parameters and target values.
Expert: This login allows the user to modify system configurations and run updates.

multimax IGW - Aktuelle Messperiode

Measurement period

Current load period visualization. Current power, power consumption trends, and corrective power at a glance.

multimax IGW - Lastgang

Load profile

Load profile level-time chart with instantaneous target value. Analyze historical values with a click. Views for day, week, month, or year.


multimax IGW - Schalthandlungen

Switching operations

Analyze switching operations. When and how often which consumers were taken from the mains for optimization. An overview of all switching operations.

multimax IGW - Aktuelle Linienzustände

Electrical load

Displays line statuses and programming for connected consumers.
Manual operation (switching on and off) for connected consumers.

multimax IGW - Kalender

Operations calendar

To keep machines and systems from running on standby, they can also be switched off outside of operating times and turned back on in time for use. The challenge is that there is no fixed pattern of work days. Holidays, bank holidays, and even reduced work hours reliably prevent users from using timers for switching off the machines.

Three ingenious features allow for the first time reliable, time-controlled reduction of consumption:

  • an infinite calendar with pre-defined, adjustable rules and the user’s own day types.
  • Timer programs that rely on the types of day in the calendar.
  • A website for displaying and modifying that is easy to operate. 
14 Timer programs

Timer programs

Easiest timer program creation. Shutting off systems during closures, switching on systems to pre-heat before shift begins, and much more.

15 Expert configuration

System connection

Integrating the system into the existing infrastructure. With these interfaces, integration into the customer network is no longer scary.


Technical data

Technical data

Power supply: 100 – 240 V DC 50/60Hz
Inputs & Outputs:

RS 485 eBus-Interface
RS 485 Modulbus-Interface RJ12
SD-Card Slot

3D view

multimax IGW - 3D view


multimax - Energy Optimization System


The best choice for optimum performance and maximum cost savings

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Troubleshooting and Solutions

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