General information and notes on the add-in

With the visual energy 4 add-in, you can access visual energy 4 energy data in Excel. Several special functions allow you to create individual evaluations and update them on demand. You can use a project explorer for assistance. You can also use one of several predefined queries.  

Please consider the following factors when using the add-in:

  • System requirements and installation
  • The same user rights and rolesapply
  • The Excel client requires an http connection to the visual energy 4 web server.
  • If the Excel sheets are forwarded to other users, the recipients require the Excel add-in and an http connection to the visual energy 4 web server as well. Only sheets containing data without any visual energy functions can be opened without the add-in.
  • For a list of functions, go to:

The add-in is also excellently suited to create cost centers.

Connection to visual energy 4

To work with the add-in, you need access to visual energy 4 data. Technically speaking, this is done using an http web service. If you can access the visual energy 4 web from your local computer with a web browser, you should also be able to access the Excel add-in with the web service.

For identification in visual energy 4, you need to log in with your user name and password.

In general, the same parameters apply as for access with a web browser. The user has to at least have the 'Energy data manager read-only' user role.


Add-in toolbar

  Bereich Funktion Hinweis
  Documents Open in the Web Loads Excel files from a visual energy document folder.
  Documents Save in the Web Saves Excel files in a visual energy 4 document folder.
  Data view Project Show/hide project explorer
  Data view Meter point Show meter point information dialog
  Data view Assignments Opens a dialog for editing the cost centers / energy benefits
  List Objects Adds new sheet, e.g. with meter points of a medium
  List Reports Adds new sheet, e.g. with cost centers
  Ad Templates Opens sample templates
  Settings Server / project Displays server connection settings dialog
  Settings Versions information Displays the current version of the add-in
  Settings Check the connection Enables you to check the visual energy 4 web service connection
  calculation Manual / automatic Switches between the automatic and manual calculation modes