The project explorer is a window that makes access to visual energy 4 objects possible. By clicking at the project structure with locations, media and distributions, the user can access the meter points and the saved measured values. You can add the objects to the current Excel sheet by dragging and dropping them with your mouse. With the add-in, you can add different data retrieval functions in the cells. This way, you can easily create a customized Excel sheet.

To open the project explorer, click on the 'Project' button in the add-in toolbar.

Instructions for the project explorer

  • Navigate through the project tree as usual to access the desired object. If required, click on the nodes (+) to expand them.
  • Right-click on the corresponding object to select the required function.
  • To select the time range, use the control elements of the project explorer.
  • Left-click on the desired object and drag it to the current Excel sheet holding down the mouse button.
  • Where applicable, adapt the individual functional elements to your requirements.