New development multicomp F144-3Ph

multicomp F144-3Ph

The multicomp F144-3Ph reactive power controller works automatically in 4-quadrant operation (generator operation), i.e. even with energy recovery to the utility company network, missing compensation power is detected without a problem and compensated.

The control type of the device is optimizing, i.e. the controller selects the switching stage with the suitable compensation capacity according to the missing compensation power.

By using the parameter "maximum switching power per switching operation" (menu Extra / Commissioning / max. switching power), you can define the number of kvar the controller can switch (on and off) at the same time. This enables faster compensation. If the set value is smaller than the largest switching stage available, the value of the largest stage is automatically used as the switching criterion.

Through the integrated temperature measurement input, the ambient temperature in the reactive power compensation unit is also monitored, and if a predefined limiting temperature is exceeded, the ventilator is switched on. Furthermore, you can protect the system by setting an alarm / switch-off temperature which switches it off if there is a risk of damage due to over temperature.

The controller is additionally equipped with a limiting value monitoring function for protection of capacitors from over voltage and excessive harmonic load of voltage and current.

The 3-phase voltage and current recording makes it possible to not only realize 3-phase compensation as before, but also real single-phase compensation (balancing) or a mixture of single-phase and 3-phase compensation.

In this context, it is possible to separately configure 3-phase, phase-phase and single-phase stages for each of the 18 existing compensation stages. What is more, it is also possible to operate a compensation system with capacitive stages only, inductive stages only or in mixed mode.

For 3-phase measurement, the measuring values are displayed separately per phase, making it possible to evaluate the actual power supply conditions in detail. For single-phase measurement, the measuring values of the phase measured are displayed but the power values are additionally extrapolated as total power.

By using an additional digital input, it is possible to activate a second deviating target CosPhi.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with a RS485 bus interface for operation at the KBR eBus. This enables a comfortable visualization of the measuring values and the controller's operating state as well as convenient configuration of the device with our software visual energy 4.