NEW! multicond light UHPC - power capacitor

Due to the intensive contact to our sales partners, distributors and customers we continuously working on the improvement and quality of our products.

Therefore we proudly present our new product range of power capacitors „multicond light UHPC”.

power capacitor- multicond light UHPC - NEW

It is the result of a consequent development of our specialists under consideration of an intensive market research.

This new type is made for low level harmonic applications and represents the balance of long life time, reliable operation and convenient price. Of course this new type is also internally equipped with overpressure disconnectors for each phase.

Some advantages of the new multicond light UHPC:

  • UHPC technology for a convenient price
  • Long life time
  • Excellent temperature behavior
  • Highest safety by internal all pole disconnector fuses
  • Available in the diameter sizes 95mm and 116mm
    (that means less space for more power)
  • Improved flame resistance of the plastic parts
  • ...
multicond light UHPC - power capacitor
Name Capacity (µF) Ø mm
multicond-light UHPC-21.0-440-3P 3x 115,1 95 mm
multicond-light UHPC-20.8-480-3P 3x 95,8 95 mm
multicond-light UHPC-33.4-480-3P 3x 153,8 116 mm
multicond-light UHPC-35.7-480-3P 3x 164,4 116 mm
multicond-light UHPC-20.0-525-3P 3x 77,0 95 mm
multicond-light UHPC-21.0-525-3P 3x 80,8 95 mm
multicond-light UHPC-37.0-525-3P 3x 142,3 116 mm

Customized types on request

NEW! multicond light UHPC (92 KB)