NEW: Universal measuring device with Rogowski tapes

The subsequent installation of a measuring device in a distribution system brings beads of sweat to the forehead of even the most experienced fitters. A measuring device needs current transformers to measure. Now the question arises how these transformers can be retrofitted over busbars or several parallel cables. Mostly not at all! The possibility to connect Rogowski tapes and the new functions pointer diagram and oscilloscope make the multimess F96 from KBR a true multitalent.

From now on, Rogowski tapes can be connected to the multimess F96. This is particularly trend-setting for retrofitting in existing switchgear (retrofit). The time-consuming installation of current transformers and the question of whether existing space is sufficient for retrofit current transformers are now a thing of the past. Due to their flexible and narrow design, Rogowski tapes can be used in almost any distribution system.

The external integrator required by all Rogowski tapes has been integrated into the multimess F96. This means that neither space in the switchgear nor a separate power supply is required for it. This makes this solution simple, fast and unbeatably inexpensive.