multicount D5 - MID energy/power meter

MID 3-wire measurement, load profile memory > 600 days


 MID 3phase energy and power meter, multicount D5

  • MID 3-phase energy and power meter
  • 4 Quadrant measurement Import and Export
  • Suitable for energy-management ISO 50001

multicount - MID 3-phase energy and power meter

MID (B+D) approval for energy-managment according to ISO 50001

The multicount series sets new standards in the field of DIN rail energy meters. Via the KBR eBus interface a large number of measured values can be transmitted. The load profile memory can be read out and analyzed via energy data management software.

The multicount is ideally suited for use in industrial plants, for cost centre billing and submeasurements as well as for performance monitoring and energy management.

Like all KBR products, the energy meters were designed for maximum performance, longevity, functionality and designed for demanding measurement tasks.



  • MiD (B+D) approval for billing purposes ex-factory

  • Suitable for energy-managment ISO 50001

  • Transformer ratio, pulse rate and time, configuration adjustable via keys

  • Double tariff (high/low tariff - day / night)

  • S0 pulse-output, active- and reactive energy, import and export

  • Serial KBR-eBus interface RS485

Technische Daten

 multicount - MID 3-phase energy and power meter

Device types


Item no.
[1] multicount D5-3P-1/5A-MID

Current transformer 1A and 5 A

 - 23821
[2] multicount D5-3P-75A-MID

Direct metering

 - 24193
[3] multicount D5-2-ES-3P-1/5A-MID

Current transformer 1A and 5 A

KBR-eBus 24194
[4] multicount D5-2-ES-3P-75A-MID

Direct metering

KBR-eBus 24195



DIN rail mounting

 [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

Transformer measurement

yes - yes -

Direct measurement up to 75 A

- yes - yes

Approved in accordance with MID modules B + D

yes yes yes yes

Load profile memory > 600 days

- - yes yes

LC-display with LED background lightin, Accuracy class B (+/-1 %)

yes yes yes yes
Measuring voltage Um  3 x 230 / 400 V +/- 20%, 50 Hz
Measuring current Im  3 x 0.01...6 A AC yes - yes -
Measuring current Im Direktanschluss bis 75 A - yes - yes
Current transformer 5/5 to 20.000/5A or 1/1 to 4.000/1A  yes - yes -
Interface KBR-eBus
RS 485
- - yes yes
S0 pulse-output 11 11 42 42
Protection type clamps IP 20 / housing IP 51, SK II
Dimensions 5TE, HxBxT  90 x 90 x 67 mm


multimess Energy measuring devices


When measurement alone is not enough.

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