multimax Practice examples

Reducing consumption

The highest 15-minute period of reduced power will be calculated in the electricity bill. A power peak (inadvertent in most cases) can already cause yearly energy costs to rise signifi cantly. The staff at a company are often unaware of the consequences of their actions when many machines are drawing full power from the network at the same time.

The KBR solution: KBR energy optimization runs in the background without impacting the production sequence. The optimized trend method enables the system to detect a potential power peak before it happens and adjust the power with the consumers that are connected. multimax can be used in any industry and in plants of any size

The KBR recommendation: multimax D6

Consumer time control

An electroplating shop wants to reduce its power peak and automatically preheat its electroplating baths. For this task, weekend days, holidays and production downtimes must be considered.

Die KBR solution: The electroplating baths are switched on and off using the timer programs in multimax IGW. The baths needed according to production requirements are heated before work starts. In the heating phase, the baths are optimized to ensure that there are no unnecessary load peaks. multimax also ensures that the set maximum value is not exceeded during operation either..

KBR recommendation: multimax D6 and multimax IGW

Minimize the number of switching operations

The availability of the consumers that are to be included for energy optimization should be as high as possible. Unnecessarily switching operations should be avoided.

The KBR solution: Instead of the fixed feedback of “device connected,” multimess D4 measuring modules measure the instantaneous power and then send this data to the multimax. This way, the energy optimization unit utilizes the actual instantaneous power consumed. With this system, the number of switching operations can be considerably reduced

KBR recommendation: multimax D6 and multimess D4

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