OBIS code system

OBIS ("Object Identification System") codes (formerly EDIS) are used for the unambiguous identification of measured values as well as abstract data in electronic exchange between the communication partners involved in different message types (MSCONSUTILMD). KBR uses these codes also for communication between the system components.

The OBIS Codesystem is described in IEC 62056-61 for electrial energy and DIN EN 13757-1 for non-electrical medias.

Genereller Aufbau OBIS Kennzeichen

A - B : C . D . E * F

OBIS A (media)

A KBR Description Original description Quelle / Source     
0 Abstrakt Abstract objects DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
DIN EN 62056-61:2002
1 Elektrizität Electricity related objects DIN EN 62056-61:2002
4 Heizkostenverteiler Heat Cost Allocators related objects   DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
5 Kälte / Wärme Cooling related objects DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
6 Wärme / Heat Heat related objects DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
7 Gas Gas related objects DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
8 Wasser (kalt) / Water (cold) Cold water related objects       DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
9 Wasser (warm) / Water (hot)   Hot water related objects DIN EN 13757-1:2015-01
16 Öl / Oil Oil KBR
17 Druckluft / Compressed air Pressed air KBR
18 Stickstoff / Nitrogen   KBR

SI units are used for all values.

Version 4.6 and higher

Additional custom media can be derived from the OBIS A basic media. The OBIS codes and the processing rules of the basic medium are applied to the custom media. This makes it possible to display several separated supply structures, e.g. for water and gas.



Obis group B: Channel definitions

Channel DE EN
1-127 Messgerätespezifischer Kanal Device individual channel
128 Einsparung Savings
129 Sollwert Setvalue
130 Prognose Prediction
131 Maximale Grenzwerte Arbeitstag  Working day max
132 Maximale Grenzwerte Nichtarbeitstag  Holiday max.
133 Minimale Grenzwerte Arbeitstag Working day min.
134 Minimale Grenzwerte Nichtarbeitstag Holiday min.
135 SLP Montag  SLP Monday
136 SLP Dienstag  SLP Tuesday 
137 SLP Mittwoch  SLP Wednesday 
138 SLP Donnerstag  SLP Thursday 
139 SLP Freitag  SLP Friday 
140 SLP Samstag SLP Saturday 
141 SLP Arbeitstag  SLP Working day 
142 SLP Nichtarbeitstag  SLP Holiday 
143 Geldbetrag  Currency 
144 Prognose Geldbetrag   Currency prediction 
145 Emmision CO2 CO2 
146 Prognose Emmision CO2 CO2 Prediction