multimax - Energy Optimization System

multimax Energieoptierungssystem

Ensure that energy costs do not peak in your company

Even a single carelessly produced power peak can send energy costs skyrocketing with far-reaching consequences. Every plant is familiar with this scenario: multiple systems are operated simultaneously for a short time. This results in high electricity costs in power calculation.

You may not be able to fully eliminate energy costs for power calculation, but you can reduce them significantly. You can, for example, reduce the consumption, create a state of subsidized non-typical network usage or benefit from personal grid usage fees. The multimax energy optimization system monitors, controls and optimizes the energy consumption behavior of connected current and gas consumers. While optimizing the operating process, the consumer properties and energy supply conditions are taken into account.

Application examples

In the best case, corporate measures to increase energy efficiency go hand in hand with those to tap into load management potentials. The practical examples provided in the following demonstrate how you can use multimax for successful energy management.

Practice examples

Other Features


  • Optimization is better than switching: multimax can switch consumers according to demand thanks to its analog signal outputs
  • Can be used in any industry and in plants of any size
  • Integrated programs ensure that non-typical network usage is maintained or that the timer controls for systems work
  • The feedback allows devices to be controlled optimally with fewer switching operations
  • The instantaneous power consumption of the consumers is displayed, increasing savings potential and reducing the number of interventions in the production process
  • By linking multiple feedback values, even sensitive consumers can be included in the optimization process (e.g., large thermal devices)
  • Easy visualization thanks to the intelligent Gateway

For each application area …
… adaptable to any size of business 


multimax - Application aereas, adaptable to any size of business

multimax - Energy Optimization System


The best choice for optimum performance and maximum cost savings

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