Signals and energy data

multisio Signalerfassung und Datenverarbeitung

System center also available with NRTL certification


The multisio specialty: record anything you can measure

The strength of multisio: recording, documenting and evaluating many dierent energy types, consumption values and states. This highly exible system, consisting of a system center and expansion modules, supports you with numerous functions and interfaces to make all measurement task easier.

The multisio principle: all signals under control

multisio is the perfect solution wherever digital or analog signals have to be recorded and evaluated – in industrial applications, trade or building technology. You can quickly and reliably merge and visualize all relevant parameters. This way, you can keep track of everything and react in time.

Meter reading

Using the pulse outputs of existing meters, you can record consumption values. In addition to the load prole, you can now benet from new additional functions:

  • Saving the quantities consumed as a graphic.This lets you analyze consumption behavior and detect unnecessary consumption
  • Fast and comfortable remote meter reading
  • Automatic data integration into cost centers
  • Reading consumption values over dierent periods of time

Meter totaling function

You can add and/or subtract recorded meter values. The newly calculated total can then be transferred using a digital output, e.g. to an energy optimization input. The newly calculated quantity is also saved as a load prole.

Error messages

  • By monitoring fuses and switches, malfunctions can be easily visualized and reported
  • Messages are issued if dened limits are exceeded (temperature, current, power, etc.)

Recording operating hours

  • With operating hours or machine runtime capture that is accurate to the second, a message can be sent and maintenance performed based on the actual operating hours
  • This function is also available for energy measurement using multimess D4 or multisioD2-4CI. A threshold value is set to start the operating hours capture.

Temperature recording

  • Measuring and visualizing the current temperature. The temperature is also saved as agraphical mean value representation. Documentation of temperature curves, e.g. for standard certications
  • Message if specied temperatures are overshot/undershot

Heating and cooling measurements

  • Measuring absolute heating and cooling energy. Simultaneously, energy and ow rate are saved for evaluation as a load prole
  • Capturing supply and return temperatures as instantaneous values and saving them as mean values in graphical form
  • Messages if specied temperatures are over shot/undershot(e.g. supply temperature)

Energy measurement

  • Measuring and displaying electrical parameters. The values can be saved as peak value curves. The amount of energy is saved as a standard load prole to analyze energy consumption behavior
  • Message if measurement parameter limits are overshot/undershot



When the most diverse measurement tasks require a flexible solution.

Brochure multisio Signal recording and processing