multimess F96 TFT, upgrade Kit

Optional PCB's: quick and easy retrofitting, upgradeable interfaces

Optional interfaces:
KBR eBus*, Modbus*, KBR eBusTCP*, Modbus TCP*

* depending on the respective device type

Optionsplatine Set SAM 1637

Upgradeable interfaces: optional PCB's

The electronic network measuring devices of the multimess F96 series measure and monitor all important parameters in a three-phase network and are available in different versions. All device versions are equipped with a pulse output. Aside from the F96-0 entry level model, the load profi le (P+ P- / Q+ Q-) can be saved with all device versions and later read out via eBus. Network voltage can be monitored in accordance with EN 61000-4-30.

In case of a violation, the voltage and current history is saved and can be analyzed on the LCD display, for example. Different optional interfaces and protocols allow various applications.



  • Compact design, standard installation size 96 x 96 mm
  • Optionally upgradeable interfaces for any possible application:
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Comfortable LCD display with graphical representation, e. g. a bar chart of network harmonics
  • Graphical diagnosis of voltage and current levels after a defi ned EN-61000 event



Upgrade kits:
turn a base device into a high-end device in the blink of an eye

Upgrade e.g. from multimess
F96-0-TFT-1DO-US1 / -US5* auf:
Available interfaces and additional functions:

F96-2-TFT-MS-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5


Modbus RS485 / Echtzeituhr, 2x Relaisausgang

F96-2-TFT-MT-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5


Modbus Ethernet / Echtzeituhr, 2x Relaisausgang

F96-2-TFT-ESMS-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5


KBR eBus RS485, Modbus RS485 / Echtzeituhr, 2x Relaisausgang

F96-2-TFT-ET-2RO1DO-US1 / -US5


KBR eBus Ethernet, Modbus RS485 / Echtzeituhr, 2x Relaisausgang
F96-0-TFT-ESMS-1DO-US1 / -US5
23760 KBR eBus RS485, Modbus RS485


* The optional PCB can be exchanged for any multimess F96 TFT version.


Quick and easy retrofitting in 3 steps


Step 1
Optionsplatine Schritt1 SAM 1618 Thanks to the innovative assembly technique, the multimess F96 TFT can be upgraded in only a few steps – easy, safe and quick.
Step 2
Optionsplatine Schritt2 SAM 1619

The clever handling not only makes a new installation especially comfortable, but it also makes it unnecessary to replace the device.

Step 3
Optionsplatine Schritt3 SAM 1620

Everything can be conveniently done on site. The mounting depth remains the same after installation.

Installation depth
Skizze Einbautiefe The device mounting depth remains the same even when the PCB is inserted!



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When measurement alone is not enough.

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