multisio - Signal recording and processing


multisio - Signal recording and processing, multisio central unit and multisio display multisio - Signal recording and processing, multisio central unit
Display multisio F96-DS,
multisio D6-ESBSDS-5DI6RO1DO
with expansion module
multisio D2-4TI
multisio D6-ESBSDS-5DI6RO1DO
up to five expansion modules
can be connected. Depending on the
output type, a wide range of functions
are possible here.


Recording anything you can measure

The strength of multisio: recording, documenting and evaluating many different energy types, consumption values and states. This highly flexible system, consisting of a system center and expansion modules, supports you with numerous functions and interfaces to make all measurement task easier.


  • Ideal for use in installation distributions
  • Compact design
  • Expandable on a modular basis
  • Wide range of modules for digital and analog inputs/outputs and for temperature recording
Input and output configuration
Inputs Outputs Possible functions
5x digital 6x relay Consumption recording
  1x DO Status logging
  1x Display Operating hours recording
    Pulse summation
    Relay switching
    Analog value recording
    Temperature recording
    Thermal energy recording
    electrical energy


Technical data

System center multisio D6-ESBSDS-5DI6RO1DO

Operation Pushbutton for reset and scan mode
Display 6 green LEDs:
5x input status
1x operating status
multisio 6F96-DS (LCD)
RAM, data memory and program memory 2 MB RAM battery-buffered /
256k EPROM
Memory type Ring buffer
Long-term memory
for max. 160 days
Long-term memory
for max. 160 days

min. 64 hours, depending on memory configuration
Load profile memory:
Maximum 25 x 3840 entries
60/30/15/1 min
Period duration for high and low tariff configurable via software
Event memory A maximum of 4096 entries to record tariff switching commands, mains failures, error messages etc.
Digital input for floating contact, S0-compatible 5
Relay contact, floating (shared source),
Switching capacity 250V AC, 2A
KBR eBUS (RS485) Standard
KBR module bus (RS485) Standard
Baud rate 38400
Addressing Can be automatically addressed up to 9999
via software,
scanning mode can be activated on the device
Power supply
Operating voltage 85 - 265V / DC / 60 Hz
Power consumption 15 VA
Mechanical data
Housing modules
and size in mm (H x W x D):
6 TE (90 x 106 x 61)
Mounting type 7.5 mm deep, in accordance with DIN EN 50022, suitable for distribution board mounting
Weight approx. 650 g
Expandable with up to 5 modules:
multisio D2-4DI Four digital inputs
multisio D2-4AI Four analog inputs
multisio D2-4CI Four current measuring inputs
multisio D2-4TI Four temperature inputs
multisio D2-1TI2RO One temperature input, two relay outputs
multisio D2-4RO Four relay outputs
multisio D2-4RO-ISO Four replay outputs
multisio D2-4AO Four analog outputs (in development)
multimess D4-BS Energy measuring module


Technical details - brochure (1750 KB)

User manual (2921 KB)