multisio D4-4RO-ISO - Expansion module

multisio D4 4RO ISO

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  • Ideal for use in installation distributions
  • Compact design
  • Expandable on a modular basis


Input and output configuration
Inputs Outputs Possible functions
- 4x Relay Relay switching


Technical data

Expansion module multisio D4-4RO-ISO

Operation Pushbutton for reset and scan mode
Display 5 LEDs:

4x output status
1x operating status
Relay contact, floating,
switching capacity 250 V AC, 2A
4 floating, separated relays
KBR eBUS (RS485)
KBR module bus (RS485) Standard
Bau drate 38400
Addressing Automatic module bus addressing, scan mode can be activated on the device
Power supply
Operating voltage 24 V DC, supply via module bus
Power consumption 1,3 VA
Mechanical data
Housing modules
and size in mm (H x W x D)
4 TE (90 x 71 x 61)
Mounting type Wall mounting on DIN rail 7.5 mm deep, in accordance with DIN EN 50022, suitable for distribution board mounting
Weight approx. 128 g


User manual (171 KB)