Consumption Recording

KBR offers comprehensive solutions for recording the energy consumption of companies. The company's own hardware and software development 'Made in Germany' makes it possible to meet the most demanding requirements. On the following pages, you will get a first overview. If you have any further questions, please contact our sales engineers.

Manual but software supported...

You have to regularly read current meters, gas or water meters? You are looking for a professional solution to make your work easier?
We have the perfect solution for you! Additionally, you also have the option of replacing measuring points with automatic bus counters one by one.

Automatic = safe and comfortable

No more laborious on-site meter reading or noting the numbers. Short and sweet:  No stress reading the meter! Just another way of explaining automatic consumption recording. It is not only easier but also more precise. Thanks to the load profile data, any kind of tariff can be evaluated and 'what-if' scenarios can be tested. Suddenly, distance is irrelevant...

visual energy
Energy Data Management

Look forward to an energy-efficient future

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