Components for reactive power compensation

Reactive power controller 

KBR reactive power controllers leave nothing to be desired. The compact controller multicomp 144 LCD is used above all in small facilities. The multicomp D6 modules are bus-compatible and can be integrated into the KBR system. The modular system allows a control of reactive current compensation to be set up quickly and easily. By adding a safety and maintenance module to the controller, the unique secureC®  procedure can protect units from overvoltage and overcurrent.

Power capacitors

multicond UHPC power capacitors stand out through their high durability at extreme ambient temperatures. 3-phase internal overpressure disconnector and 2-fold current carrying capacity are further quality features.

Filter circuit reactors

The filter circuit reactor multiind is characterized by high linearity and low losses.

Audio frequency blocking devices 

multiton audio frequency blocking devices reliably block off the ripple signal of the energy supplier.

Thyristor switch

Rapid switching operations are no problem with on thyroswitch (thyristor switch).

Fixed capacitors

multicab-F fixed capacitors are installed for large, inductive consumers and transformers for direct compensation.

Compensation modules

With its large range of modules, KBR provides solutions for every cabinet system. A fast and simple installation helps to reduce costs.

Controlled compensation units

Through the use of high-quality components, automatically controlled reactive current compensation units in type-tested quality improve cost-effectiveness, reduce electricity costs, make maintenance more convenient and increase the level of safety in operating facilities.

Mobile network analysis

multilog is a mobile network analyzer which is used to continually record a wide range of measured values, such as voltage, current, frequency, power, energy consumption, flicker emissions, harmonics and interharmonics. Small dimensions enable it to be installed in enclosed spaces and switchgear cabinets.


The active harmonics filter multiwave belongs to the new generation of active harmonic filters which reliably analyze disruptions in the network and send out an opposing compensation current by means of digital control.

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