Signals and energy data

Signals and energy data, multimess, multisio and multimax

Energy measuring devices

multimess devices, as multimeters, are suitable for any application. They are available in various performance classes and equipped with LED or LCD displays. Bus capability and load profile memory create the basis for an efficient energy monitoring and safe power networks.

Transducer meter

multicount devices are compact and powerful transducer meters to record the consumption of active and reactive energy. They are optionally bus-compatible and equipped with a load profile memory for energy monitoring.

Signal processing

multisio components serve to record and store pulses decentrally – for any form of energy, such as electricity, water, gas, thermal heat, cryogenic power or compressed air. The energy measured is saved as a load profile which can also be used for energy monitoring. In addition, temperatures and analog values can be recorded, circuit states and the operating hours of consumers logged, or relays switched.

Load management system

multimax monitors and optimizes the energy consumption behavior of connected loads, thereby eliminating expensive load peaks. Trend calculation procedures precisely determine the correct switch-off and switch-on times for optimizing consumers.



When the most diverse measurement tasks require a flexible solution.

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