Insert the visual energy 4 Starter CD in the CD drive. If CD autostart is activated on the computer, the setup is started automatically. If this is not the case, start the Setup.exe program from the CD manually.

The setup program is signed and refers to the manufacturer 'KBR Kompensationsanlagenbau GmbH'.

To perform the installation, you need to have local administrative rights to the computer.

Select the setup language. Afterwards, start the setup by clicking OK to check the system requirements. This may take a few minutes depending on your system.

In general, the installation consists of two steps:

Setup requirements

Missing system requirements are revealed and can be installed by clicking on the link "Install".

The installation or activation of the single packages may take a few minutes.

Only when all required components are installed, the visual energy 4 Starter setup can be continued. Depending on which packages had to be installed, a system reboot may be necessary

Setup Starter

All further details in this description refer to the adjoining default values. This is why you should only change the values if you have major reasons to do so as well as sufficient background knowledge.