Licensing options Starter & eBus OPC Server


License options

Visual energy 4 Starter has the following license options:

  • Unlicensed: max. 1 eBus device, OPC max. 60 min.
  • "Starter" license (KBR product number: 14323): max. 20 devices (eBus + module bus extension devices), OPC max. 60 min.
  • "eBus OPC Server" license (KBR product number: 14324): unlimited number of devices, OPC DA server (1.0, 2.0, 3.0).


  In general, users can do the licensing themselves, As long as this is not blocked by the network settings, the software is activated automatically (automatic licensing).
  If network restrictions or company policies make automatic licensing impossible, copy the license files manually and upload and then download them on a computer with Internet access (=manual licensing).
  The license is tied to the system on which the software was installed.
  You can migrate the license to another system. To do so, return it first and then license it on the new system with the same license key.
  To activate it, the product has to be installed first.
Please have the license key ready. You can find it on a sparate from include in the scope of delivery. 

Automatic licensing

  1. Log in to visual energy Starter and navigate to the license area.
  2. Click on the 'Licensing...' button. 
  3. The system checks if a connection to the license portal can be established. If a connection (port 80) to is permitted, the 'Automatic licensing' option is offered. If no direct connection can be established, only the 'Manual licensing' option is available.
    We recommend using automatic licensing. Click on the 'Start automatic licensing...' button.
  4. A new browser windows that shows the license portal is opened. Enter your license key. It has the format xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx and was provided on a form included with the CD.
  5. The license key entered is verified and the matching product is displayed. Compare it with your order and proceed to 'Register user'.
  6. Enter your contact data in the form and click 'Next' to continue with the next step:
  7. If several products or software dongles have been installed on the system that you are licensing, you can now choose the correct product again. Otherwise, select 'Activate selected licenses now'.
  8. The software dongle is automatically transmitted to the system that is being licensed and registered there. A confirmation message that notifies you of the successful registration is returned to the license portal. The product is now licensed. 

Manual licensing

If neither the computer that is to be licensed nor another computer in the same network are able to reach the KBR license portal at, the product has to be licensed manually. To do this, transfer the license files of the system you want to license to a computer with Internet access using a data carrier.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 of the instructions for automatic licensing. If no connection to the KBR license portal can be established, the following dialog pops up. Select the 'Manual licensing' option.
  2. Next, select the first step to create a request file:
  3. Follow the instructions to download the request file that was created (activate_license.html) and open it on a system with Internet access.
  4. The .html file contains all license information on the system to be licensed and provides this data to the KBR license portal. 
  5. Once you enter the license key included with the product and register as a user, you are prompted to upload the license request file. Please note that the request file is automatically included in the .html file. Click on the button to transfer the file directly..
  6. After the upload, the product is registered in the license portal and a key file is created, which you can then download. Select the 'Download key file now' option.
  7. Copy the key file to the system to be licensed and use the 'Step 2...' option to activate the product.
  8. Select the key file and then click on 'Import file'
  9. The product is now licensed and can be used. We recommend that you confirm the successful activation. This is the only way you can migrate or restore the license later on if you lose it. The process is identical to the request (see steps 3-4).
  10. After logging in to the KBR license portal with your license key, select the 'Proceed with license transfer' option.
  11. Upload the confirmation file: 
  12. You have now completed the manual licensing process:

Migrating the license to another computer

If you want to use your license on another computer or you want to exchange central components (CPU, motherboard, hard drive) of the licensed computer, return the license first and re-license the product afterwards. If you can establish a connection to the license portal at, the return process is fully automatic as well.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 4 of the instructions for 'Automatic licensing'
  2. Select the 'Migrate license' option.
  3. The system checks the available licenses and suggests which ones to return. Select the license you want to return and then click 'Return selected licenses now'.
  4. If the license was returned successfully, a confirmation message is issued:

    Now, the product is no longer licensed in your system and you can use your license with another system.