Creating a network operator

Network operators are required for the assignment of meter points. Their network operator number is also needed to create meter point descriptions at a location.

In contrast to an energy provider, a network operator is assigned one or several cities. This way, all possible network operators for the respective medium can be automatically pre-selected when setting up a meter point at a location later on. However, this means that to create a meter point, a network operator has to be set up and assigned a medium first.

To add a network operator, proceed as follows:

  1. Log in as a project manager.
  2. Switch to the configuration area and click on "Network operator" in your project.
  3. Click on the  button under the list of network operators displayed in the work area.

The network operator number is normally assigned by a central authority. In Germany, this is the BDEW, the German Association of Energy and Water Industries. Typically, users also operate an own internal network. The user also is a network and meter point operator in this case. Since you also have to enter descriptions for internal meter points, you have to add your company as a network operator as well. We recommend you use the number 999998 here.