Registering a bus master

The multisys BM plays an important role within the visual energy 4 environment. It not only connects the bus devices to the web but also synchronizes all clocks and data acquisition cycles. The eBus master has to be registered in the project using the web application. Through this, the system is informed at which IP address the service can be accessed.

Communication between the services takes place via WCF web service or via message queue (MSMQ). Please refer to the communication chart.

To integrate an existing multisys BM, click on ([Project] > New > Multisys BM) in the acquisition area. The following entries have to be made:

Project The project to which you want to connect the multisys BM. A multisys BM can only be registered for one project at a time.
Display name A free description to identify the multisys BM.
IP /  multisys BM name The IP address of the multisys BM or (if name resolution is configured) the system name (computer name).
multisys BM protocol

Possible protocols:

  • TCP (default, recommended)
  • HTTP
multisys BM port Defines the port for the multisys BM. The standard port is 9001.
webserver IP / name The IP address of the web server or (if name resolution is configured) the system name (computer name). This is the eBus master response address.


Afterwards, the multisys BM should appear in the area 'Configuration' > [project] > multisys BM. Select the new bus master and check its status.