User permissions

In general, it is possible to host several visual energy 4 projects on one server. Since version 4.6 R3, the project manager can create any desired number of users in his project. A predefined user role has to be assigned to these users at project, location or medium level. This controls the user access to the individual areas and functions. Furthermore, individual permissions can be set for documents, diagrams, cost centers and energy benefits.

Creating a user

Both system administrators and project managers can create and delete users.

  1. Log in to the visual energy 4 web as a user with the required rights.
  2. Switch to the configuration area and click on "User" in your project.
  3. Click on the add button in the work area.
  4. Fill in the corresponding fields in the properties window and set the rights.
  5. Save your settings.


Managing permissions

Project-specific user rights are defined for the particular object (project, location, medium, chart/diagram, etc.). To grant a user particular rights or to revoke them, select the relevant object and display its properties in the properties window. Click on the "Edit permissions" button, select the account you want to edit and then click on the   button to display the user permissions.


Editing your own account settings

If you are logged in, you can edit your own account. You can, for example, change your password or language settings.