Overview data acquisition

Different types of measured values can be captured depending on the visual energy software version and the connected bus system or connected device types.

  eBus Modbus OPC manual / mobile MSCONS
Version Meter reading Load profile Other Meter reading Load profile Meter reading Load profile Meter reading Load profile Meter reading Load profile
4.6 R4 and higher 2) 1) 1) 1)
4.6 R1 and higher 2) 1) - - 1)
4.5 R3 and higher - - - - 1)
4.2 and higher - - - - - 1)
4.0 and higher - - - - - - -


  1. ) Automatic substitute value formation
  2. ) Periodic extreme values (multimess)

Energy data is captured with meter points that are assigned to the supply structure. This way, the system recognizes the respective device type (input meter / output meter) and is able to generate automatic procurement and consumption reports. Each distribution is considered a separate balancing group. The difference between input and output measurements is calculated automatically. The result is provided as a virtual consumption meter point.

Actual or system consumption meter points can be assigned to cost centers and energy benefits by percentage (up to 100%).

All measurements beyond that are merely section measurements, yielding measured data that can, for example, be used as input parameters for distribution balancing groups.

The evaluation of these measurements by the data system is a very complex process. Combining different data media should be avoided under all circumstances. Strictly observe the measuring parameters, also those within a medium. Never add active and reactive current values or standard and operating gas volumes. In visual energy, this is ensured by the use of OBIS codes. From the measurement to the evaluation, this code uniquely identifies each medium and each measured value. For this reason, all media reports and tasks are planned individually.

Furthermore, it needs to be ensured that values are available for the entire evaluation period. In visual energy, all evaluations are considered for periodical consumption values. Even manually read meter readings are converted to period values. Low consumption values can be due to missing period values. To be able to detect this, a status label is provided along with each consumption value.