Preparing mobile meter reading

Read sectors

Reading ranges, or 'read sectors', help you organize the meters you want to read manually by grouping them. Each reading range has to be assigned to a visual energy 4 user.

To define a reading range, proceed as follows:

  • Select a project, location and medium.
  • In the project tree, navigate to the 'Metering points' area.
  • In the toolbar, click on 'Read sectors' in the list area.
  • Click on the plus button to add a new reading range. Enter a name in the properties window and assign the reading range to a user.

Creating meter points

You can create meter points  within visual energy 4 with the wizard as usual (Acquisition > Project > Location > Metering points >  ) However, you need to set the type to 'Mobile' instead of 'eBus master'. In the next step of the wizard, you need to assign the meter point to an existing reading range. As a last step, indicate which measuring parameters and tariffs should be captured.

The assignment and supply structure are done as usual.

Installing the Android app

To install the application with the QR code and to connect the device or identify the meter later on, install the free barcode app ZXING. You can then install the app from the download area. With your smartphone, take a picture of the QR code shown. Then confirm the installation.

Coupling the smartphone

To make sure that only authorized users can perform meter readings, the Android app has to be coupled to visual energy 4. This is done with the QR code on screen. Proceed as follows:

  • Log in to visual energy 4 as the user the reading range is assigned to. The device is coupled for this user.
  • Select the menu item 'Account' > 'Edit'.
  • Start the visual energy 4 mobile app and select 'Couple device'. The barcode scanner is opened automatically.
  • In the barcode app, take a picture of the QR code. The smartphone automatically couples itself to the software based on the data of the logged in user.
  • Identifying a meter point by barcode / QR code

ZP Identifying a meter point by barcode / QR code

To avoid mix-ups, the reading or meter points can be furnished with QR codes. When you scan the code, you are automatically redirected to the corresponding meter. The meter point ID as well as the meter number can be used for identification. If the meter number already exists as a barcode on the meter, you can also scan the code the first time you read the meter. This way, you do not have to enter the meter number manually.

To print QR codes, we recommend you use a free software such as 'Zint Barcode Studio'. Copy the meter point ID (e.g. DE0010667925600000000000000141849) into the editor window of Zint using the clipboard:

In general, you can use all codes that represent the 30-digit meter point ID and can be read by the barcode app. We recommend you to use ISO 18004 QR codes, as they meet all requirements. Print the graphics on suitable stickers and attach them to the meters.