Cost centers in visual energy 4

In visual energy 4, you can assign the consumption values of meter points to cost centers by percentage. For this to be possible, the meter points have to be output meters of the 'Consumer' type. To avoid incorrect or implausible evaluations, you cannot assign any input or section meters to cost centers. Please note that the system meter point "Unmeasured total" is a consumption meter as well and can thus be assigned here.


red - input, external input
gree - output, consumption
blue - output, distribution
orange - system, unmeasured total, consumption


A distribution has an input meter (meter point 1) and two output meters (meter point 2 and meter point 3). Meter point 3 should be an output to another distribution and meter point 2 should be a consumer. The energy is obtained from meter point 1. If you booked meter point 1 to a cost center, 100% of the total energy would be booked and no other meters could be used for cost center balancing anymore. For reasons of plausibility, the energy can only be booked once.

The same applies for meter point 3. If you booked this meter point to a cost center, the meter point would be useless for the following distribution. Meter point 2, as a consumption meter, can be fully booked to cost centers. You can also book the 'Unmeasured total' system meter point (the difference between inputs and outputs) to a cost center.

If a distribution only has an input measurement, the unmeasured total is identical to the supply, as the total of the outputs is zero. Through this detour, the input measurement can thus also be used without the risk of booking any implausible values to the cost centers.

Creating and editing cost centers / energy benefits

You can edit cost centers and energy benefits in the configuration area of the project.



Creating cost centers / energy benefits (as of Version 4.6)

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Creating cost centers in Excel

Especially if you have to create several cost centers, we recommend you use the MS Excel add-in. As of version 4.5 R2, you can create and edit cost centers in the following way:

  • Create a table with the following structure:

  • Select the data and copy them to the clipboard with Ctrl + C.
  • Click on the 'Edit' button in the 'Cost centers' area of the add-in toolbar.

  • If you haven't created any cost centers yet, the following dialog is displayed:

  • Click on the 'Paste' button to paste the data from the clipboard:

  • Click on the 'Save' button to accept the data.

Deleting cost centers in Excel

You can also use the Excel add-in to delete cost centers.

  • Open the cost center dialog as you would when creating cost centers.
  • Select the entries you want to delete and press the Del key.
  • Confirm the prompt.


Editing cost centers in Excel

In the dialog window mentioned previously, you can also edit cost centers.