General information on evaluation

The visual energy 4 system offers several options to evaluate saved energy data. In visual energy 4 web, you can work with clear diagrams and PDF reports. With the MS Excel add-in, you can carry out more individual analyses and link your own data. Furthermore, you can also adjust the XSLT stylesheets for customized reporting options, for example as CSV files or HTML sites.

In addition, a documented WCF web service is available as a program interface. This way, you have read access to most of the data objects depending on your visual energy 4 user rights.

The following table shows some typical requirements and their potential solutions:

Question visual energy 4 distribution visual energy 4 diagram visual energy 4 PDF report Excel add-in
Are all period values of a specified time range available?     Status report  
How was the consumption behavior?   Example

Project load peak report

Location load peak report

What amount was supplied in a day, week, month, quarter or year?  

Project supply report

Location power supply report

Location gas supply report

Annual power consumption

What amount was consumed in a day, week, month, quarter or year?    

Location power consumption report

Power section measurements

What amount was measured in an individual time range (of a specific period)?      
What is the relation of the amount captured to the production amount / area / sales, etc. (key data)?       Example
What is the instantaneous supply/consumption?      
For how long has the system been in operation in a time range?       Example
How high was the consumption per cost center?   Cost centers