Energy benefits

Independently of the cost center structure defined by controlling, you can assign the individual meter points to different uses in visual energy 4. Possible uses are, for example, 'Heating', 'Cooling', 'Lighting' or 'Process', etc.

Just like cost centers, meter points can be assigned to different uses to a varying percentage. The entire logic is very similar to that described for cost centers. For the evaluation of the energy benefits, however, more emphasis is put on the relation of the energy supply and energy consumption. For example, this is done with Sankey diagrams for individual operating areas, with the energy supply (external or internal input) stated on one side and the consumption on the other. By comparing different time ranges, you can also clearly illustrate the effects of optimization measures.

Creating and editing cost centers / energy benefits

You can edit cost centers and energy benefits in the configuration area of the project.

Editing assignments

To assign a meter point to a cost center or an energy benefit, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Acquisition > Project > Cost centers.
  2. In the 'Assignments' area, click on the  symbol.
  3. Select a meter point. You can do so from the meter point list.
  4. As long as haven't assigned 100% yet, you can add additional assignments.



Calculated meter points (totals / differences balancing group) can only be selected from the list.