General notes on the web service

The visual energy 4 web server features a WCF web service to grant access to data objects, mainly for reading purposes. This web service can be used for custom visualization and evaluation or to process the data on another system. This way, you can access energy data as well as live values, but also basic information such as projects, locations, distributions or meter points.



Web service configuration

Up to version 4.6 R5, only a SOAP URI is entered in the Web.config. If you, for example, want to enable access with an Ajax client, an additional entry is required:

<endpoint address="/json" binding="webHttpBinding" behaviorConfiguration="DataServiceAspNetAjaxBehavior" contract="Kbr.VisualEnergy4.UI.Web.DHTMLSuite.Services.IExcelDataService" ></endpoint>

As of release 6, this entry should already exist in new installations.

Example of a Javascript and jQuery query

Example of a simple data query with Javascript and jQuery in an HTML page. The entirehtml file is available for download as well.

For a complete function description, please go to