In all versions up to and including release 5, the only output format available for reports is PDF. As of release 6, you can also create individual XSLT stylesheets to customize the reporting options. All reports are saved in the shared documents folder in the evaluation area.

You can either create reports only once (ad hoc) or as recurring task. In the second case, reporting is done following a defined schedule. This can be set in the configuration area of the project. You have to be logged in as a project manager for this purpose.


Each report definition has an individual number in the format xx-xxx. The first two digits define the medium. The first digit after the hyphen represents the area (0=project, 1=location). This means that the report definition 01-000 contains all supply measurements for the medium current of all locations of a project.  The following reports are available:

Number Descriptiion available for
-x00 Connection all media except abstract
-x01 Consumption all media except abstract
-x02 Energy benefits all media except abstract
-x03 Cost centers all media except abstract
-x05 Section measurements all media except abstract
-x06 Annual report all media except abstract
-x07 Load peak report all media except abstract
-x08 Energy benefit load peak report all media except abstract
-x09 Cost center load peak report all media except abstract
-150 Location configuration Location
-151 Metering point configuration all media except abstract

Periodic report generation

You can set up a reporting task to, for example, have visual energy create a supply report on the first day of each month. Independently of the actual output format, these reports are always saved in the 'Documents' section of the evaluation area.

To define a reporting task, use the wizard:


Customized reporting with an individual XSLT stylsheet

XSLT is a programming language used to transform XML documents. To create and edit individual XSLT scripts, you need to have a general understanding of XML technology. With XSLT, you can filter the energy data contained in reports as well as sort, group and edit it in general. You can define the layout and output format this way. The following formats are possible:

  • Text (.txt, .csv)
  • HTML
  • XML

To define XSLT stylesheets, go to the project configuration area. You have to be logged in as a project manager for this purpose: