Sytem requirements for visual energy 4

The visual energy 4 system is a distributed application that requires a web server, one or more bus master(s), as well as clients. The communication chart gives IT administrators an overview of the system protocols and functions of the individual system components.

The following components are required on the web server:

  • Microsoft Server: 2003 / 2008 R2 SP1 (no SBS) / 2012 / 2012 R2 (standard / data center)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6 /7 or 8 with ASP.NET option (and FTP, which is needed for FTP data transmission from the eBus master).
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) with http support options but without Active Directory integration.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (IIS installation) with HTTP activation
  • IIS 6 management compatibility (only IIS 7 and 8) with IIS6 metabase compatibility, IIS6 WMI compatibility, IIS6 scripting tools, IIS6 management console
  • Visual J# 2.0 (32 bit or 64 bit, depending on the operating system) to enable the creation of web PDFs

In addition, an SQL database is required:

  • MS SQL Server  2008, 2012, 2014 oder MS SQL Express

Please note that the maximum limit for express versions is 10 GB per database. Please allow for enough storage space. At least 20 MB of space should be allowed for each year and measuring parameter. This, however, depends on the project structure (number of locations / media / distributions, etc.).

Example:50 meter points with 2 measuring parameters each (active and reactive energy) = 50 x 2 x 20 MB = 2,000 MB = 2 GB

The clients require a current web browser that can display SVG graphics and PDF documents. Furthermore, JavaScript and CSS have to be supported. We recommend:

  • Google Chrome (version > 14)
  • Mozilla Firefox (version 10 or higher)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher)

We only test web browsers using the Windows operating system. If you are using another operating system (Linux, MacOS, ...), this may result in certain constraints.

Important Note

When other browsers are used, especially older Microsoft IE versions (7/8), considerable limitations have to be expected. Microsoft IE versions older than 9 need the ActiveX Control add-in to display SVG graphics. Further development and support of these controls, however, were discontinued a few years ago by the producers.

If the add-in should be used for MS Excel, you need to install MS Excel 2007 or higher. We recommend MS Excel 2010.

visual energy 4 web installation

Usually, the included KBR CD is used for installation. Depending on the project schedule, some time may pass between delivery and installation/startup and a newer version might be available. Register on the website and download the latest version under "Downloads".

Note on authorization

During the installation, you need to have administrative rights both on the web server and the SQL server. For installation on the SQL server, you need the db_Creator and db_SecurityAdmin access rights. For subsequent updates, the db_Owner role for KBR databases is sufficient.

Note on IIS Installation

As MSMQ (Message Queue) is always installed in the site with the ID 1, visual energy 4 has to be installed as a web application in this site as well.

Excel add-in installation

Generally, the add-in is installed directly from the visual energy 4 web. You can also select the add-in installation from the "Extras" menu and start it directly or download it first, depending on the browser you use. For the setup (Setup.exe), you need to have local administrative rights on the installation computer. After setup has started, all dependencies necessary for using the actual add-in are checked:


If one of these components was not found by the dependencies setup, the setup tries to establish an Internet connection to download and install the corresponding component setup. Once all components have been installed, the actual add-in setup starts.

Under certain circumstances however, these dependencies are not detected correctly by the Microsoft setup! Example: The dependencies setup wants to install the '.net Framework' component in the target system even though it is already available. This error leads to a deadlock the dependencies setup does not complete (correctly) and the actual add-in setup does not start at all!


  1. Perform a manual check to ensure that all components listed above exist in the target system.
  2. Run the add-in setup directly. Use MS Internet Explorer for this (other browsers might not start the *.vsto installer). Call up the URL for the *vsto file. Its structure is [web server host name or IP address] / [instance name]. Example: (up to version 4.6.4.x) for version 4.6.5.x or higher, the path is for example:
  3. Start the setup and check the installation.


Es empfiehlt sich ggf. im Vorfeld die Zone des Webservers im Internet Explorer als vertrauenswürdig einzustufen!

Installation visual energy 4 Mobile App

Die App für Android Smartphones finden Sie als registrierter Anwender im Software - Downloadbereich. Dort ist unter anderem ein QR-Code abgebildet, welcher Ihr Smartphone direkt zur Installations-APK führt. Dadurch ersparen Sie sich die eingabe des Links.

Zur Beachtung:

It is advisable to classify the web server’s zone as trusted in Internet Explorer in advance!

Note on the bus master

The eBus master (also visual energy 4 - AIO) requires a KBR multisys embedded system as hardware basis. The operating system used is Windows 7 Embedded Compact is used, which is an upgraded version of Windows Embedded CE. It is a component-based, real-time operating system that makes systems with small resource requirements based on Intel x86, ARM and MIPS processors possible.

IP address

Usually, the requested IP address has already been configured before delivery. You only have to integrate the system in the target network and supply it with voltage. As an alternative, configuration via TELNET and automatic address allocation via DHCP is also possible.

In general, the eBus master/multisys systems are not considered domain members and are not included in the local domain.

Anti-virus software

The system is delivered without anti-virus software as a standard. If you use the eBus master, the risk potential is rather low. The embedded operating system has effective filters that do not allow write access on system partitions. Every boot process, e.g. after a power loss, resets the device to its factory settings.

Please note:

If you decide to install an anti-virus software on the eBus master, please note:

  • Any software not installed by KBR on a KBR multisys embedded system voids the warranty.
  • Effective anti-virus software has to be updated several times a day via a globally accessible signature database.
  • You have to be able to configure the anti-virus software so that signature updates are written to the data partition (D).
  • This considerably reduces the system's performance. For this reason, you may have to reduce the number of devices managed per eBus master and/or reduce the storage period.