The licensing model

KBR offers two licensing models:

  • Purchase - the software is installed in your system.
  • Rental - you can use the infrastructure to access your energy data.


In addition to the base price for the components and software, the price for your solution is determined based on the one-time license costs, which depend on the meter points you order. You need a meter point wherever historical recording of a point in the supply structure is required. However, it is irrelevant which and how many measuring parameters (active/reactive consumption, etc.) are captured at this point. The type of measurement or device do not matter, either. A manually captured meter reading requires a meter point just as an automatically captured pulse counter does. Conversely, each multisio meter input may need an own meter point license if it is used for independent meter reading.


If the eBus devices can communicate with the system online via an IP gateway and the eBus master, you can also choose the rental option. Instead of purchasing the software, you only rent the meter points you need. In this setting, KBR takes care of the entire administrator process. You can, however, still create any number of locations, distributions and users.


Details on licensing visual energy 4

In addition to the base software (visual energy 4), you also have to purchase meter point licenses. Otherwise, you will not be able to create any meter points and thus cannot save energy data

The licensing process in detail

  1. Order the number of meter point licenses you need from your KBR partner.
  2. After you have received the license, open your visual energy 4 project and display the project properties:

  3. Click on the license information to view the license details. In the first two columns, the licenses purchased and licenses in use are listed. The third column serves to request additional meter point licenses.
  4. In the third column, enter the quantities you need. Fill in the 'User name', 'Email address' and 'Serial number' fields.
  5. If an email server is set up in visual energy 4 web and if there is a connection to the Internet, you can now submit the license request. Alternatively, you can also save the license request in a file. You can send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. from your local computer later on.
  6. After it has been processed, the new license key is sent to you. Copy it into the 'License key' field and then click on 'Update'