Adding eBus devices to bus segments

There are two methods of adding KBR eBus devices to the list of devices in a bus segment:

  • The devices have not been assigned an address or a new address has to be registered.
    To begin the registration procedure, start the scan mode on the device.
    Follow the 'Add new eBus devices' instructions.
  • The devices have already been assigned an address and each one of them has a unique eBus address for this bus segment.
    You need to know the address or address range.
    Follow the 'Add existing eBus devices' instructions.

​Please note

Depending on your system and license, the number of bus devices permitted is limited. Whether you are not allowed to add new devices to the list or you can only add them as inactive also depends on your product and license.

Adding new eBus devices

To be able to add bus devices, you have to create a bus segment first.

With KBR eBus devices, adding new devices and assigning addresses is very easy. You can initiate the scan mode to add new devices by pushing a button on the device. Then, you only have to select the corresponding segment (e.g. the multisys 2D2-ESET gateway) at the eBus master and click the  button. The system searches for the new device, configures it to the next free address and adds it to the list of bus devices.

Adding existing eBus devices

If the devices have already been assigned a valid eBus address (e.g. an address has been entered on the display), you can add them to the bus device list using the address search. To do so, click the   Seek button. Then, enter the desired address range and start the search.

You can then select the devices found and add them to the bus list. Devices that are not known to the bus master are selected automatically. Devices that are already known are listed but cannot be selected.

parameters of eBus devices

 edit the parameters of an eBus device, you can open the configuration dialog by clicking the  button:

Before saving, the changes are displayed again. You can accept the changes or cancel: