Moving a bus master location

A bus master can manage a certain number of bus devices. If you need more devices, add another bus master.

Existing locations can be moved from one bus master to another using a wizard to make space for new devices.

To start the wizard, select "Move multisys-BM location" from the "Extras" menu.

In the first step, only select the source bus master and target bus master.

In the second step, all locations of the source bus master are listed. You only have to select the location that is to be moved.

In step three, the system checks for possible errors before execution. In case of errors, you can cancel the wizard by clicking 'Cancel'. If no errors are listed, click "Next" to proceed with the next step.

In the fourth and last step, you can check your settings. Click on the "Execute" button to start the process. A message is displayed, notifying you that the location will be automatically deleted from the source bus master after it is moved.