OPC client

Capture of meter readings

As of version 4.6 R4, you can also capture meter readings via OPC. This is a license option that is available at extra cost. With this option, you can create OPC bus segments at the bus master and then define universal electricity, gas, water, heat and quantity meters for these segments. The meter readings recorded are periodical. The visual energy 4 system automatically calculates differences from the meter readings and generates a load profile by substitute value formation.

Instantaneous value display

Additionally, you can configure a maximum of 3 instantaneous values per generic meter. These values are subsequently available as online values for network visualization.


With a generic meter, you can define an individual media meter, independently of the actual manufacturer and type. To facilitate the OBIS value selection, select the type of the media meter in the first step. In the device list of the respective OPC segment, click on the following button: 

In the example, we will use an electricity meter to illustrate a typical configuration process. Enter a suitable name for the meter:

Then, activate the 'Meter reading P+, total' data point on the 'Data points' page and select the corresponding OPC item from your OPC server. You can enter the item ID in the text field manually or browse the OPC server namespace by clicking the button next to the text field: