Displaying data points

Data points display latest values and states online. In contrast to meter points, data points can be assigned to multiple symbols / drawing objects. For example, it is possible to display a temperature as often as you want of different distributions, while a meter point has to be assigned to only one drawing object.


You need to have the corresponding user rights (network data manager, 'write') to assign data points.

  1. Select a drawing object with at least one symbol for online display.
  2. In the properties area, a selection of available data points is displayed. Select the data point you need.
  3. Complete the assignment by clicking the  Save button to save your settings.

In visual energy 4, the data points are formatted automatically. An original value of 1,000,000,000 kWh is displayed as 1 MWh for the sake of convenience. Nevertheless, you can see the original value (with timestamp) at all times by rolling the mouse cursor over the display. When hovering over the display, a tooltip with the detailed information will be displayed:

Error codes in online display

Communication between the display client browser via the operating system, the network, visual energy 4 web server, eBus master all the way to the eBus device and back is a complex process during which the most diverse events that prevent the data from being displayed might occur. To identify different causes of errors, the system generates an error code. The error codes are displayed in a defined color (orange or red) and in the format "ERR:nn" or "ERR:nn.mm".

Error-No. Source Description
ERR:01 System.Exception General error while trying to generate the WCF client.
ERR:02 System.Exception Exception when establishing the connection to the WCF client. Error while accessing the function for defining the data points. This error occurs e.g. if the WCF service is not accessible (not installed, no http connection?). Solution: Check the connection, check IIS, check the installation (outdated eBus master?)
ERR:03 System.TimeoutException Exception on timeout. Timeout during connection attempt. Occurs e.g. if the WCF service is accessible but causes a timeout when attempting to connect with the "eBus master communication service". Solution: Check the eBus master service and start it if necessary.
ERR:04 System.Exception Exception when selecting the function for defining the data points.
ERR:04.1 Kbr.VisualEnergy4.EbusMaster.Common.SessionElapsedException Is displayed if the requested session has expired. This error should disappear after a short time as a new session is created automatically.
ERR:04.2 Kbr.VisualEnergy4.EbusMaster.Common.SessionNotFoundException Is displayed if the requested session does not exist. This error should disappear after a short time as a new session is created automatically.
ERR:04.3 System.Net.Sockets.SocketException Is displayed in case of a network error (socket error).
ERR:05 System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException Is displayed if a remote endpoint cannot be found or reached. The cause for this might be that the remote endpoint was shut down, is not accessible or the remote network is not accessible.
ERR:06 System.ServiceModel.Security.MessageSecurityException Is displayed if there are any problems concerning the safety functions used on a message. This exception may be caused by errors during signature verification, for example. This exception usually occurs when sending application messages (if the security context has been established completely). It might also occur if a security session is established over the original security context.
ERR:06.1 System.ServiceModel.Security.ExpiredSecurityTokenException Is displayed if a CardSpace security token expires.
ERR:06.2 System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityAccessDeniedException Is displayed if a safety authorization request fails.
ERR:06.3 System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityNegotiationException Is displayed if an error occurred while the security context for a message was being defined.
ERR:10 no exception The requested data point was not returned after selection. Possible causes: Does the device no longer exist? Does the data point not exist in the device? The namespace of the eBus master WCF service is not compatible with the web.
ERR:11   Communication with the corresponding eBus master failed repeatedly. As these timeouts affect the overall system performance, the eBus master was removed from the communication list.